Delicious Instant Noodles in Supermarkets – Part 1

Everyone certainly likes this one food, namely instant noodles. Many people choose this instant noodle because besides being easy to make, the price is affordable. Instant noodles are also a food that boarding children are looking for because they are cheap and there are various kinds of flavors. Here is a list of delicious instant noodles that are currently popular and can be found in supermarkets

1. Indomie

Is a noodle from Indonesia which is the most popular in the world. Indomie has various types of as goreng, kuah, Indonesian culinary, taste of Asia, my noodlez, real meat, and bite noodles. The prices are still fairly economical, so that they can be consumed by people in all walks of life. Besides that is also easy to find, you can find it in small shops to large supermarkets.

2. Sedaap noodles

Mie Sedaap is an instant noodle from Indonesia which is also sold overseas. These noodles have a smooth, chewy texture and a delicious and delicious taste. Mie Seddap has various types of flavors, from soup to chicken egg onion. Sedaap noodles are the only noodles that have ISO 22000 certificates. For the price of delicious noodles, they are quite affordable for all people and easily found anywhere.

3. Gaga 100

Mie gaga 100 is the only instant noodle which is popular with its spicy taste in Indonesia. The level of spiciness can bite Indonesian tongues. But unfortunately, the popularity of Gaga noodles is fading, this is also what causes the scarcity of Gaga noodles in supermarkets. But lately Gaga 100 Extra hot noodles introduced 4 new variants, consisting of 2 flavors of jalapeno fried noodles and black pepper. And 2 variations of the flavors of boiled noodles, namely jalapeno and soup. For those of you who like spicy, you should try this 100 gaga noodles, guaranteed you will be addicted if you like spicy taste.

4. Samyang Buldak Stew

Samyang Buldak Stew is a spicy instant noodle from South Korea, which is very popular in Indonesia. The spiciness of these noodles makes many people take up the challenge of joining the Samyang Challenge. The price is arguably more expensive than instant noodles from Indonesia, you can find these noodles in supermarkets.

5. Shin Ramyun Black Premium

Shin Ramyun is an instant noodle from South Korea, one of the popular variants is Shin Ramyun Black Premium. These noodles have a soft texture and these noodles are complemented with onions, oxtail and dried vegetables. This noodle has a spicy taste, this is the main attraction.

6. Koka

Mie Koka is an instant noodle from Singapore, Koka noodles have 3 flavors, namely laksa, curry and tom yum. This noodle has received halal certification from Singapore. In addition, these noodles are healthier than other noodles because of non-MSG and artificial coloring. These noodles are also low in fat and suitable for those who are on a diet.

7. Namja Ramyun

Namja Ramyun is not an instant noodle specifically for boys. This noodle is one of the noodles produced by Paldo. Namja Ramyun, usually called Men’s Ramyun, this noodle has a strong and spicy beef flavor. The freshness of the soup is combined with thick noodles that will spoil your tongue.

8. Neoguri Udon

Neoguri Udon is udon noodles produced by Nongshim. My most favorite is seafood and spicy. The broth is fresh with a chewy and thick texture of noodles that will make you addicted. You can get these noodles at supermarkets.

9. Jjajang Men

Have you heard of jajangmyeon? Jajangmyeon is a noodle with black soy bean paste sauce. This one noodle is very popular in South Korea. This jajangmyeon uses thick noodles made from wheat flour. These noodles can be found in supermarkets and the price is arguably more expensive than instant noodles from Indonesia. But for the taste is very good.

Still have list the delicious instant noodles that you can find in supermarkets, are you curious? see in next article. stay tuned!

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