Delicious and Instagramable Semarang Culinary Tour

Delicious and Instagramable Semarang Culinary Tour – Apart from providing natural and cultural attractions, Semarang also has a place to enjoy the mainstay of Semarang culinary. Starting from legendary foods, traditional specialties, to contemporary foods.

All kinds of complete culinary are available in Semarang. So if you invite friends and go out to visit Semarang, either for a picnic or visiting a relative’s house, you don’t have to worry about food problems.

Having a vacation without tasting the food in the area where you are on vacation will feel lacking. Therefore, usually in addition to having a vacation to visit tourist attractions, visitors to the city of Semarang always take the time to taste Semarang culinary tours.

Semarang Culinary Options

When entering this Semarang culinary location, visitors pass through a wooden bridge. On the right, you can see a large fishing pond and a place to eat lesehan. It looks like a floating house. At night, visitors can get a good view with a game of lights and lights combined with the atmosphere of the water.

Visitors can enjoy a meal in the huts around the lake, so they can get peace while enjoying the beauty of nature. All the buildings in this place are also mostly made of wood so that the natural nuance is so thick you can feel. Visitors are guarante to be satisfie to spend time while eating food at this place.

The mainstay menu of Semarang’s culinary tour is a variety of processed dishes made from Gurame, milkfish, grouper, vegetables. There are also various kinds of refreshing drink offerings.

This Semarang culinary is a photogenic modern Javanese nuance with its unique collection of items. This modern Javanese concept restaurant is always crowded with visitors, because besides being a fun place, the food preparations are also delicious.(Delicious and Instagramable Semarang Culinary Tour)

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