Current Foods That Are Harmful To The Health – Part 3

Let alone trying food from abroad, food from their respective regions, maybe you haven’t tried all. Moreover, the times have advanced, culinary has also experienced a lot of progress. Not only that, there are also many new foods that have sprung up with new innovations and flavors. But behind the delicious taste from current foods that makes our tongue addicted there is an unhappiness that we get which are harmful to the health. Like the previous article a current foods that are harmful to the health like thai tea or cheese tea, we have another list in article below.

1. Salted Egg Chicken

Lately, the culinary world is being enlivened by contemporary foods with salted egg nuances. In Indonesia, actually know salted egg as salted egg. Salted eggs are commonly used as a food ingredient, both as a side dish and as a cooking mixture. But now salted eggs are processed into food sauce that melts in the mouth. Starting from rice, chips, pastries, to fried chicken, now many are served with salted egg sauce.

Behind the pleasure, it turns out that egg yolks are bad for health, you know. One salted egg yolk contains about 187 mg of cholesterol. This amount exceeds half of the recommended daily cholesterol consumption limit, which is 300 mg. So can you imagine if you consume Salted Egg Chicken? Cholesterol contained by salted egg yolk alone is 187 mg not to mention chicken meat, cooking oil, or chicken skin that is still attached to the meat. In total, the amount of cholesterol contained in one serving of salted egg chicken may reach 200-300 mg. This does not only apply to chicken, guys, other foods that contain cholesterol when mixed with salted eggs. Will also increase cholesterol levels which are harmful to the body if consumed frequently.

2. Contemporary food with a high level of spiciness

Of the many contemporary dishes, of course, contemporary food that has a high level of spiciness always steals the attention of spicy culinary lovers. Call it like seblak, devil noodles, chicken geprek to samyang and many more.

Although they can provide a unique and delicious taste, health experts say that these contemporary snacks can have a negative impact on the health of the body if consumed in excess. However, for those who have health problems such as ulcers, hypertension, or even diabetes, these foods may not be good for consumption in the long term. For example, often consuming spicy snacks with a level will trigger ulcers and stomach ulcers.

Another health expert named Leona Victoria also mentioned the side effects of the many contemporary snacks that have a spicy, sweet, salty, or even oily taste. Not only can it trigger stomach disorders, these snacks can have spices that are rich in calories and sodium so that they will cause health problems such as hypertension, obesity, or water retention.

3. Cheese Tea

After Thai Tea, there is another Cheese Tea that is no less delicious and refreshing than Thai Tea. Cheese Tea is a drink from Taiwan that is being hit on social media. Because of the popularity of many Cheese Tea outlets that we can easily find in public places other than malls, such as stations. For those of you who have fallen in love with this one tea drink. You should not drink it often because it is very high in calories.

Cheese Tea is milk tea added with cheese that is made like whipped cream. The taste is a mix between tea and cream cheese. According to the Head of Health Committee Nutri food, is there a lot of sugar in milk tea, let alone add cheese? Can you imagine how many calories this drink contains? excess sugar that is not burned with exercise can increase the risk of degenerative diseases such as diabetes and stroke.

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