Current Foods That Are Harmful To The Health – Part 2

Because in addition to new tastes, contemporary food also has a delicious taste and also a very attractive appearance. So it stole the attention of many people just to taste it. Call like Milo’s ice cream, which is the current ice. There are also banana nuggets which are a favorite and there are many new culinary delights that have enlivened the food market in Indonesia lately. But all that current foods are harmful to the health of body. We have another list as below.

1. Thai Tea

Lately, Thai Tea outlets have mushroomed in various cities in Indonesia. Its delicious and refreshing taste makes it popular, especially among young people. Thai Tea itself is a Thai drink made from a mixture of black tea, sugar, sweetened condensed milk, creamer, ice and other ingredients. It tastes like you have ever tasted, which is sweet and refreshing. But unfortunately this refreshing Thai Tea actually contains a lot of calories so that if we consume it frequently. The risk of experiencing weight gain also increases. Because in a large glass of Thai Tea contains approximately 410 calories.

In addition, frequent consumption of these sugary drinks can also trigger other health hazards. Such as chronic kidney failure and diabetes. This is because Thai tea cannot be counted as fluid intake. While a body that lacks a minimum water intake of 1.2 liters per day and for a long time, can trigger chronic kidney failure and diabetes. So don’t replace the need for 1.2 liters of water in the body by consuming sweet drinks like Thai Tea.

2. Fried cabbage

Who likes to eat fried cabbage? This one food is served by many food stalls and is usually used as a companion to the main side dish. Fried cabbage has become a popular food lately because of its delicious taste. Combining healthy vegetables such as cabbage and frying techniques with hot oil does indeed produce delicious food but also endangers the health of the body, you know!

This is because the use of high temperatures when frying cabbage can damage its healthy ingredients. As a result, cabbage, which used to be an antidote to cancer when eaten fresh. Has turned into cancer-causing as a result of being fried at high temperatures and oil which is sometimes not suitable for use anymore. In addition, the saturated fat content in cooking oil can also cause health problems, such as obesity and heart attacks. Saturated fat will enter the cabbage, destroying the nutritional content in the cabbage and turning it into food that is not healthy for the body.

3. Cheese Tart

Cheese Tart is currently one of the most popular snacks in Indonesia. This food combines various delicious food ingredients such as cheese, eggs, and milk which are processed into a super delicious food. However, because it has a very high sugar and fat content, you are not recommended to eat this snack too often. Because each serving of cheese tart contains about 225 calories and 15.6 grams of fat. It is quite high if you compare it to egg tart which has an average of 10 grams of fat. In addition, even though the manufacturing process uses cream cheese, mascarpone cheese, and low-fat milk, they will not make these foods healthier. For that, don’t overdo it when you eat Cheese Tart, guys!

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