Current Foods That Are Harmful To The Health – Part 1

Talking about food, of course there will be no end, because in this world there are so many types of food and of course we haven’t tried all of them. And as we know, these new foods are nowadays culinary delights that are being loved by the public, especially young people. But guys, this contemporary food that has a delicious taste and attractive appearance is not all fun to eat, you know. Because of the many current foods available, not a few are harmful to the health of the body. What are the current foods that are harmful to the health of the body? Check this out guys!

1. Ice Kepal

Ice Kepal, which was booming some time ago, is one of the contemporary culinary delights that are harmful to health. This sweet-tasting ice cream is loved by the public, especially children. This ice cream stand can also be easily found in various corners of the city because of its popularity. But even though it tastes good, sweet and refreshing, unfortunately this culinary one is not healthy for the body. body. The reason is that the ice cream contains a lot of excess sugar and calories. Consuming excess sugar, salt and fat can lead to degenerative diseases such as obesity and diabetes. For that, for those of you who want to taste this one ice, it’s a good idea to eat one portion of ice together and don’t consume it too often.

2. Banana Nugget

Who doesn’t know Banana Nugget? This banana snack, which is being loved by many people, cannot be denied its deliciousness. Banana nuggets are bananas that are crushed and mixed with flour and other ingredients then formed into nuggets then wrapped in breadcrumbs and fried. What makes this food contemporary is its various toppings. Starting from ordinary chocolate, green tea, marshmellow and many more. But unfortunately, the processing of fried banana nuggets is at risk of going bad because it can remove nutrients and increase levels of trans fats. This can increase the risk of high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Not only banana nuggets, but various kinds of processed fried bananas are also a bad risk to health.

3. Foods with Liquid Nitrogen

Lately, culinary with liquid nitrogen content has become popular among the public. Food with liquid nitrogen looks unique and instagenic because it emits smoke. These chemicals are able to process various foods into cold instantly. Most of the foods that are processed with liquid nitrogen are ice cream. But there are also snacks.

When you eat it, you will emit smoke from the mouth which is called dragon’s breath. Many people sell this kind of food. Whether it’s in malls, food courts, kiosks, food exhibitions, even restaurants. At first glance eating these foods may seem fun. Especially on social media, a number of people share their moments when they eat smoky food. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the Food and Drug Administration in the United States has issued a warning regarding the dangers of consuming these foods.

Because the substances contained in liquid nitrogen are very dangerous. Liquid nitrogen can be life-threatening and can cause injury. Apart from that, inhaling the vapors released from smoky foods can cause a person to have difficulty breathing, especially for those who suffer from asthma. Although it is non-toxic, liquid nitrogen can cause severe damage to skin and internal organs if mishandled or accidentally ingested as extremely low temperatures can last a very long time.

We still have more list for current foods that are harmful to the health of body on the next article, stay tuned!

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