Culinary Tourism in Blitar is a Must Try

Culinary Tourism in Blitar is a Must Try – Blitar is one of the cities in East Java Province. It is strategically located, which is adjacent to the city of Malang which is the city of education and the city of Kediri which also has the English village of Pare as a proud icon. Blitar City is known as the City of Proclamation because that is where the Indonesian Proclaimer, Mr. Ir. Soekarno or so-called Bung Karno was born and buried.

This city holds a lot of past history related to the Bung Karno family and traces of the wars leading up to the country’s independence, such as tours of Bung Karno’s graves, Gebang Palace (Bung Karno’s House), and several temples since the Dutch era scattered in Blitar land. Besides being thick with history, it turns out that Blitar also has the appeal of a variety of culinary tours.

The tourists who visit Blitar generally will take the time to taste the typical culinary of Bung Karno City. Blitar’s signature culinary delights are spicy and savory for food and fresh for drinks.

Culinary Tourism in Blitar is a Must Try

Klethik diamond is one of Blitar’s signature snacks. Made from glutinous rice and brown sugar as a sweetener. It has a dense texture and coarse fiber so it is quite filling when eaten as a snack. It tastes sweet and savory and will produce chirping sounds when eaten so it is call a diamond klethik.

This diamond is package simply, using only corn husks or dried yellow corn husks. To be able to enjoy it, these wajik klethik snacks can be found in many souvenir shops scattered along the streets of Blitar City.

For those of you who are looking for fresh drinks in Blitar, don’t miss this one fresh ice. The name is ice pleret, made from rice flour which is shape into small circle and given a variety of interest colors. Doused with coconut milk and syrup as a sweetener and added with shavings of ice cubes which will add to the freshness of the ice pleret.(Culinary Tourism in Blitar is a Must Try)

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