Culinary Tour in Kelapa Gading

Culinary Tour in Kelapa Gading – It seems like culinary rituals have become a mandatory agenda when traveling. Whether it’s traveling for business, with family or on vacation with friends, culinary tours must be included in the travel agenda. Do you agree? Well, I also always include culinary tours when traveling. Like when yesterday I traveled to Jakarta, even though I was alone, I still insisted on culinary delights.

If the people of Jakarta must know about Sunny Side Up, right? I think this restaurant is pretty much favored by visitors. Although there are many branches in Jakarta, Surabaya still doesn’t exist. So I am even more excited or curious about Sunny Side Up.

This restaurant specializes in using eggs as the main ingredient. The menu, of course, is mostly eggs.

One of The Favorite Restaurants For Visitors in Kelapa Gading

I ordered creamy salmon which he said was a lot of favorites for visitors. This menu consists of butter fried rice wrapped in an omelette with salmon and cream sauce.

Full of calories, isn’t this menu? Occasionally it’s okay to eat a little fatty stuff hihihi. So, the fried rice has a modern taste, the Javanese seasoning is barely taste because it is cover with cream sauce. At first I thought, “Wow, this menu must be delicious” in fact, it’s really good, it doesn’t make you feel good. All tastes a blend of fried rice, eggs, salmon and creamy sauce is highly recommend.

Initially, this food was not include in the bookmark list on Open Snap. However, seeing the Korean atmosphere with Korean-style interiors and music, these feet immediately turned in a queue for drinks. Actually, I have also tried a cotton candy or arbanat-style drink at Pipe and Barrel Surabaya.

There Is a Korean Atmosphere in Kelapa Gading

Well, this drink has a unique taste because there are cotton candy that expands round on the glass bottle. There are many menu choices, there are tea flavors, milky fruity and lattes. All menu options include cotton candy. I chose the Taro Latte menu.

Taro Latte is blue with a white latte underneath then a white cotton candy. Between Taro and Latte let me combine “shake” first. The taro has a distinctive aroma with a latte mixture that feels very cool.

Like I was yesterday who was busy taking photos of food, suddenly there was a wind that immediately became deflated. If you come here with your boyfriend, you will definitely be busy cleaning your mouth so you don’t “scorn”, fortunately because I am “indifferent” on my own face with the cotton candy affected on my face. At Cotton Drop only provide dry wipes.

A New Snack That Arrived at Kelapa Gading

Similar to Cotton Drop, Hi Fries is a new snack that has arrived at Mal Kelapa Gading. From the name, we can definitely guess what “Hi Fries” is. Yes, Hi Fries is a potato snack with the addition of various sauces.

The price of this potato is IDR 25,000 with a choice of 15 sauces that can be mix. If you are confuse which sauce to choose, there is a free tester. There are corn flakes that we can dip into various sauces. I choose to be safe with my favorite sauce, namely Pop The Bluejob.

Pop Blue Job is a white sauce with cheese and onions. The garlic doesn’t sting too much, so the mouth still tastes good. The potato taste is tasty, crispy and the portion is quite a lot. When I ordered this potato, I was the one who was busy stirring until the potatoes were cold. However, I don’t need to be afraid that Hi Fries will not taste good because when it’s cold, it still tastes good.(Culinary Tour in Kelapa Gading)

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