Culinary Tour in Bandung Cocorico Cafe & Resto

Culinary Tour in Bandung Cocorico Cafe & Resto – Clamped holiday yesterday, steal the opportunity to unwind traveling to Bandung. Excuse me from the hustle and bustle of the capital. Even though I didn’t really take it easy, because I was a little stuck in a traffic jam; that made my body tired too.

Arriving in Bandung, you already want to find a place to loosen your stiff bones. There are several cafes in the area, but this one is the most eye catchy with its unique green exterior appearance, from the outside it looks beautiful and comfortable, so we checked the location at Cocorico Cafe & Resto.

The second floor also has an outdoor section with cool views both day and night. At that time we chose to sit in the indoor area, although the air was quite fresh there, but the sun was quite fierce. For snacking, we ordered Fried Banana with Ice Cream (IDR 28,000). You can try this menu.

Culinary Tour in Bandung Cocorico Cafe & Resto

Chef Chicken Pizza (Rp. 55,000) for the sharing menu, the pizza is very thin and feels crunchy and crunchy but not hard. The pizza layer is quite delicious, but the topping of the chicken pieces is a bit tasteless; and tastes a little spicy because there are chili slices.

Then Roasted Baby Chicken (Rp.65,000), half a chicken portion, first served immediately, the aroma is great and the chicken tastes delicious as well as the sauce is quite tasty, actually this menu is blackpepper sauce but we request to change it to a mushroom sauce.

The last menu, we ordered Chicken Florentine (Rp. 55,000), the rice was creamy, smell like a cheese risotto, top with chicken karage and mushrooms. Even though the presentation is simple, it tastes great.

Overall, you can ‘duck’ this place and the price is still comparable to the taste and cozy atmosphere they offer, oh yes this place is only about 15 minutes walk from The Valley.(Culinary Tour in Bandung Cocorico Cafe & Resto)

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