Culinary From Cirebon You Must Try

Culinary From Cirebon You Must Try – Every time you leave Jakarta for the Central Java area, maybe you are familiar with a city called Cirebon. When you take the train from Jakarta to Semarang, Jogja, Surabaya or whatever, of course your train will stop for quite a while at Cirebon Station.

If the people of Yogyakarta and Solo have angkringan with their cat rice, then Cirebon doesn’t want to be outdone. Nasi Jamblang is the spearhead of the culinary field in Berintan City. Instea of being sold on a cart, Nasi Jamblang only has similarities in the portion of rice that is trade.

According to its history, Nasi Jamblang is rice that was sold during the Dutch colonial era. Precisely when the road construction from Anyer to Panarukan by Daendels. The workers can only eat rice wrapped in teak leaves, because it has a long shelf life. Well, only when it was cold did the workers start to eat it.

Culinary From Cirebon You Must Try

This typical Nasi Udang City is actually just a small bowl of rice with a variety of side dishes, ranging from omelette, spicy round egg, tempeh and bacem tofu, beef, chicken, fried shrimp, patties, rendang, and many more.

The Nasi Lengko culinary tour sold in Cirebon is almost the same as the pecel rice that you can find in Madiun. Both foods are load with protein. It’s just different in the sensation of the sauce.

It’s also different from Nasi Jamblang, Nasi Lengko is even better if you eat it while it’s warm. Warm white rice sprinkled with tempeh and chopped fried tofu, cucumber, bean sprouts, chives, and fried onions will bring you to the perfect level of vegetable protein, added with peanut sauce. Eits, calm down. This Sate Kalong comes from buffalo meat with a soft contour.

There is something unique about the way this Sate Kalong trader sells. Like buffaloes, they go around carrying their carts accompanied; by the sound of bells that “ring”, and sell their wares from late afternoon to midnight.(Culinary From Cirebon You Must Try)

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