Ciamis Culinary Tour That Appeals To The Taste

Ciamis Culinary Tour That Appeals To The Taste РIn addition to offering tours that are so beautiful, such as mega tours of Icakan, traditional Kuta villages, Curug Tujuh Cibolang, there Situ Lengkong and many other ciamis tours. Ciamis city also has a variety of special culinary delights that you can try when visiting it.

Some of the typical ciamis foods are famous such as pindang gunung, golosor noodles and beef jerky.

A variety of specialties from Ciamis can be one of your culinary destinations or for family gifts at home. Some of the foods served do have their own uniqueness both in taste and shape.
Pindang Gunung is one of the Ciamis Typical Foods that you must try when visiting Ciamis, West Java.

Ciamis Specialties Recommended

Fish that are often used in cooking are snapper, red snapper, tuna, carwang and mangmung. Pindang Gunung is serve with fresh soup. The fish is cut neatly, then put it in a pan that already has several ingredients such as candlenuts, chilies, shrimp paste, salt, ginger and other ingredien. You can easily find this dish in various places in Ciamis.
The Ciamis people’s favorite specialty food is Galendo which is a food with a delicious and delicious taste.

The bottom sediment still has oil, so it must be compact and dried. After the galendo is completely dry, it can be chopp and ready to serve. With an increasingly advanced era, galendo now has flavors such as original, apple, strawberry, chocolate, lemon, and others.

Beef Jerky is a typical meal that is often serve on special occasions such as thanksgiving. Dry jerky will last longer or last longer, even if you don’t store it in the refrigerator.

Typical Ciamis food you must try when visiting Ciamis, West Java. Many people from outside the area deliberately come to this place just to enjoy this Ciamis specialty.

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