Cepu Rawon Monalisa Culinary

Cepu Rawon Monalisa Culinary – The story is that for 11 years I often visited Cepu, I just found out that I have a legendary Cepu culinary that I missed. Yep Her name is Rawon Monalisa or often called rawon lepek or sometimes also called Rawon Bu Jumini. If you go to Rawon Monalisa by car, park it in front of the market, then cross the road and enter Lorong Monalisa. Not far from the mouth of the alley, you can see Rawon sellers with simple stalls.

I came at 5:00 p.m. so the atmosphere was still quiet. Rawon Monalisa is open from 17.00 to 22.00. At night it is usually crowd with visitors. Rawon Monalisa is known as rawon lepek because the rawon rice is place in a mini coffee saucer. It is said that those who eat at Rawon Lepek Monalisa usually run out 7-8 plate. So now, if people eat just three plates, it’s full.

Cepu Rawon Monalisa Culinary

I ordered a portion of Rawon for 10 thousand. This portion of rawon does not include the side dishes; that can choose meat or offal friends, which cost an average of 12 thousand. I think two servings of rawon monalisa are enough to make me full. I sipped the rawon sauce. “Ma’am, do you have coconut milk?” The seller then nodded his face and said “yes thump”.

Honestly but I like the unique taste. But still this is not rawon, but something that I have eaten but forgot its name, I remember at that time Coto Makassar; which usually has coconut milk but Monalisa rawon is sweet, so it’s not 100% similar. Bro, the husband who is not clear which crossbreed, because he has lived longer in Surabaya; also does not like the same taste.(Cepu Rawon Monalisa Culinary)

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