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Balinese specialties Food

In article before you can see there are many more various delicious specialties of Bali like Nasi Jinggo and Betutu Chicken. So, we continued to discuss about more balinese specialties food in article below. 1. Babi Guling The next typical Balinese food we will discuss is a food that is quite unique, namely Babi Guling. […]

Making Coffee from Various Countries

Drinking coffee is a routine that must be done by most citizens of the world, be it in the morning, day or night. Drinking coffee today may have become a culture in itself, no wonder every country has its own way of processing coffee to enjoy. The following are various unique ways of making coffee […]

Indonesia culinary has similar with culinary from Abroad

Indonesia has a variety of very delicious culinary delights, from snacks to heavy meals. Because of the variety of culinary delights in Indonesia, it has similarities with culinary from abroad such as Indonesian culinary. Called lemper which is almost similar to a typical Japanese culinary sushi. Want to know more Indonesian culinary delights that have […]

The delicious Food in various Countries made from eggs

This article will discuss about how the delicious food in various countries can made only from eggs. You must know eggs, this one food ingredient is widely used throughout the world. No wonder some of their specialties use eggs as one of their special ingredients. Nobody doubts eggs as the most practical and versatile culinary. […]

Typical snacks from Eastern Indonesia – part 2

Are you still curious about what kind of snacks are typical of Eastern Indonesia? For that, here are another delicious East Indonesian-style snacks that you must try. So let’s check it out guys! 6. Sago Plate Furthermore, there is the plate sago which is a typical snack from Papua. This snack is in the form […]

Foods or Drinks that can treat the Confusion – Part 2

This article continues the discussion of foods and drinks that can treat confusion. To get rid of feelings of confusion, besides listening to songs, keeping yourself busy with various activities, it turns out that eating certain foods can treat confusion and make your mood good, you know. And here are the following foods : 1. Nuts […]

Foods or Drinks that can treat the Confusion – Part 1

Now for those of you who have a habit of snacking when you’re upset, instead of fried snacking, it’s better to snack on foods or drinks that can treat the following confusion. Here’s a list of some foods and drinks can treat the confusion : 1. Dark chocolate Maybe many of you already know the […]

Most Popular Soup in the World

Soup is indeed a common dish that seems to be owned by almost all countries and is even the most popular dish in the world. Various soups can even be so famous that they represent their country. In Indonesia, soup is identical to clear broth containing various meats and vegetables. Starting from carrots, beans, potatoes, […]

Healthy Foods for relieved stress during the Covid-19 Pandemic

In difficult times during the Covid-19 pandemic, stress can be relieved by a variety of beneficial activities, from exercise to consuming healthy foods. Here we review healthy foods that can relieved your stress during the Covid-19 pandemic 1. Asparagus These vegetables are high in folic acid to keep you cool or calm in stressful situations. […]

Recommendation The Best Mozzarella Cheese

Well, this time we will discuss some of the best mozzarella cheese recommendation that you can choose. The Best Mozzarella Cheese Brand Recommendation For those of you who are looking for mozzarella cheese, here are some of the best and inexpensive brands of mozzarella cheese that you can choose from. 1. Arla Cheese Mozzarella This […]