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Foods or Drinks that can treat the Confusion – Part 1

Now for those of you who have a habit of snacking when you’re upset, instead of fried snacking, it’s better to snack on foods or drinks that can treat the following confusion. Here’s a list of some foods and drinks can treat the confusion : 1. Dark chocolate Maybe many of you already know the […]

Most Popular Soup in the World

Soup is indeed a common dish that seems to be owned by almost all countries and is even the most popular dish in the world. Various soups can even be so famous that they represent their country. In Indonesia, soup is identical to clear broth containing various meats and vegetables. Starting from carrots, beans, potatoes, […]

Food Ideas for Road Trips Holiday

There are 10 food ideas that can be brought for road trips holiday, which can accompany your vacation on land trips. Bringing your own food from home is somewhat more hygienic. 1. Fruits Travel fruits can be eaten as a snack or for breakfast on the way. The choice of fruit that can be brought […]

Healthy Foods for relieved stress during the Covid-19 Pandemic

In difficult times during the Covid-19 pandemic, stress can be relieved by a variety of beneficial activities, from exercise to consuming healthy foods. Here we review healthy foods that can relieved your stress during the Covid-19 pandemic 1. Asparagus These vegetables are high in folic acid to keep you cool or calm in stressful situations. […]