Burger Bossman, most popular burger

Burger Bossman, which is one of the most popular burger restaurants in Bali, is now present in DKI Jakarta. Bossman was brought to Jakarta, due to the interest of tourists from Jakarta who visited Bossman Bali a lot.

However, it has now opened in three locations in Jakarta, namely Kemang, Menteng, and Kebayoran Lama. Currently Bossman Burger is still implementing the cloud-kitchen concept with delivery services via GoFood and GrabFood. Meanwhile, the dine-in restaurant is still not available.

They have three of the best-selling and recommended menus namely

The Original Gangster, Al Capone, and Chook Knight. Al Capone consists of bread, beef, roasted onions, smoked cheddar cheese, creole chutney, whole grain ailoi sauce, and grilled barbecue sauce. Even though it is called regular, the size of this burger is quite large and thick. The smell of the bread is very distinctive. When held, the patties from the burgers are very soft. You have to prepare to open your mouth wide so you can bite into the burger.

In one bite, the bread tastes delicious. Even if it’s not served with another layer, this bread is still delicious. The beef is served with a thickness of about 1 centimeter. Even so, you don’t have to try hard to chew the beef. This is because the texture is very juicy.

Bossman only uses quality ingredients such as chuck steak which is dried for 60 days. Dry aged method. The meat used in Bossman is processed and aged for 60 days, which will destroy the connective tissue in the meat and reduce the moisture content. This process makes the meat more thunderous and makes Bossman burgers taste strong.

On the other hand, the combination of roasted onions and the sauce was just right. Even those of you who don’t really like the taste of onions, maybe you can still enjoy it. Another delicious part is the cheese. The texture is very soft and melts easily when it enters the mouth.

Tasting Al Capone, more complete with Truffle Fries. The potatoes are sliced ​​long, and served with a sprinkling of fine cheese. As a complement, truffle fries companion is not the usual tomato sauce. But with truffle aioli, which is a sauce made from mayo with truffle and garlic flavors. Overall, the menu at Burger Bossman is worth tasting because it tastes delicious and the portions are not stingy.

In addition, at Bossman Bali restaurant, all burgers are made to a size that is quite large. However, in Jakarta, a smaller size or so-called junior size is presented.


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