Bojonegoro Culinary: Durian Pita Pitu E

Bojonegoro Culinary: Durian Pita Pitu E – Initially, culinary delights at Bakso Durian in Bojonegoro were not planned at all. After going home from my parents-in-law house in the Cepu area. Browsing, then I met Warung Bakso Pita Pitu E. To get to the location I was assist by GPS assistance. The full address is at Jl. Attorney General Suprapro No: 20, if the GPS setting is “Bakso & Mie Ayam Pita Pitu E”. The location is right on the edge of the highway, parking is not a problem because of the large space.

The stall is simple, you can choose inside or outside. If outside there is a tent seat located on the side of the highway. In addition to the durian meatball menu that made me curious, I also ordered the soulmate meatball which is priced at Rp. 15,000, –

Bojonegoro Culinary: Durian Pita Pitu E

The menu at Warung Pita Pitu E is unique, such as fierce bojo meatballs, devil devils meatballs, rainbow meatballs, the former’s revenge meatball, pitu pita love boat noodles e. For details, you can see the menus here. He said that every month the unique meatball menu is always update. The concept for this meatball order will be the waitres coming directly to the table carrying a menu book. After eating, pay at the cashier.

I was nervous when the durian meatball served on my table. I am afraid that the durian’s sweetness will not match the broth and meatballs. Besides there are large meatballs containing durian, there are also 3 small meatballs. Unfortunately the fried time was up, even though at Warung Pita Pitu E the specialty is the fried ribbons. That’s why the name of this shop is Pita from the fried shape and Pitu from the cheapest price for the meatball.(Bojonegoro Culinary: Durian Pita Pitu E)

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