Blora Culinary Tour

Blora Culinary Tour – It turns out that Blora is not as far as I imagined.In fact, Blora is not as extreme as I imagine, only 40 minutes from Cepu and the road is still human.

Try googling “culinary tours of Blora” later for sure the emergence of delicious, unique and delicious culinary delights.

I am already eyeing Blora’s culinary tours including Iskandar Chicken Opor, Pak Galo’s Soto Kletuk, Beef Satay & Pak Ji, Mak Gogok Grilled Chicken and Mbah Supi’s Lontong Tahu at RM Nyamleng. However, because I only have one day in Blora, I don’t think I can taste the culinary delights. The two places I finally went to were Pak Ji’s Beef Satay and Pak Galo’s Soto Kletuk.

Blora Culinary Tour

Usually, when I eat satay, I choose between chicken satay or goat satay, so beef satay is a new experience for me. In Blora itself, Pak Ji’s beef satay is quite famous, as seen from the number of; visitors to the stalls and parked vehicles.

Even though it is a street vendor, Pak Ji’s beef satay stall is quite comfortable, the tables and chairs are comfortable; even though they are small and short in size. There is also a seat that faces directly to the seller, but I purposely avoid the seat directly; facing the satay and gule, because it will certainly make mistakes, meaning eye hunger.

The satay seasoning looks unique, namely peanut sauce that seems to be mixed with a little gule sauce. It’s a bit surprising for this spice, because my mindset is that Central Java goat / beef satay; is always just using soy sauce. Sometimes to eat Central Java satay, I like to want to bring my own peanut sauce, knowing that East Java’s tongue always thinks that satay is better with peanut sauce.

Hundreds of kaletuk pak Galo

Wow, I think my husband is starting to not clean up, the message is really bad. I was just enjoying the satay, I thought about it later.

Until the invisible whisper; from my husband, “deck, if the satay is in Blora, the satay will continue to be served” what do you mean? Later, the payment will only be calculate from the number of satay sticks. The taste of Pak Ji’s beef satay is soft and not prengus. The price for a serving of 10 sticks is according to the price of Rp. 22,000, – Duh, so I wonder which one is better or the Blora residents prefer.(Blora Culinary Tour)

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