Benefits and Dangers of Drinking Coffee

This Article will discuss about what is the benefits and dangers of drinking Coffee? For some people, drinking a glass of coffee in the morning will make the body excited when carrying out activities throughout the day, coffee drinks have become an important part of the lives of many people, people who are used to drinking coffee, without drinking coffee, their lives will feel less excited.

Coffee is a drink that is very popular in various circles. Starting from young people to the elderly. On various occasions this delicious drink always accompanies. Drinking coffee has benefits for the body, but consuming too much coffee is also very dangers because this coffee drink contains caffeine which is an alkaline chemical compound.

Here we describes the benefits of coffee for body health

1. Prevent type 2 diabetes

Researchers found that those who increased their coffee consumption by at least one cup per day for 4 years had an 11% lower risk of type 2 diabetes than those who did not increase their intake. People who drink 4-6 cups of caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee daily appear to have a lower risk of metabolic syndrome, including type 2 diabetes.

2. Protects against Parkinson’s disease

Various studies have shown that the caffeine in coffee and many other beverages can help protect against Parkinson’s disease. The caffeine in coffee can help control movement in people with Parkinson’s, according to a 2012 study.

3. Reducing the risk of liver cancer

Italian researchers found that consuming coffee can reduce the risk of liver cancer by about 40%. Some results suggest that people who drink three cups per day may have a 50% lower risk. Additionally, a meta-analysis from 2017 also concluded that consuming any type of coffee appears to reduce the risk of liver cancer, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and cirrhosis.

4. Protect the heart

One 2012 study concluded that drinking coffee in moderation, or consuming about two 8-ounce servings per day, may protect against heart failure. Several studies have found higher blood lipid (fat) levels and cholesterol in people who consume more coffee.


Dangers of Drinking Coffee for Health

1. Can increase stomach acid

If people drink coffee in large or excessive doses, that person will easily experience anxiety and the acidity in coffee can increase stomach acid in our bodies.

2. Blood pressure
The caffeine in coffee drinks can have a bad impact on our cardiovascular system, such as an increase in heart rate which will increase blood pressure in the body.

3. Caffeine can kill you
Consuming excessive amounts of caffeine is not good for our bodies, this can also cause death, if you are a coffee fan it is more like being balanced by drinking lots of water.

4. Causes insomnia
Most people know that drinking coffee can relieve sleepiness, but if you often consume coffee, you will usually have trouble sleeping, because you no longer have sleepiness.

5. Make teeth black
Often drinking coffee is not good for your teeth, you just pay attention to the parents who have a hobby of drinking coffee, surely their teeth look black or look yellow. Of course, you don’t want to have black or yellow teeth.

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