Bandung Culinary Favorite For Souvenirs

Bandung Culinary Favorite For Souvenirs – The walk has been done, the selfies are full of memory, the culinary also causes the scales to break, but it feels like something is missing. Yes, the souvenirs have been bill by relatives and friends. A walk without souvenirs is like vegetables without salt, right? Well, there are many kinds of souvenirs from Bandung. However, what I really miss from Bandung are the batagor, soes bread and the brownies. The three foods, if you buy them, you need extra patience because the queue is always booming. Don’t be surprised to see that the people who buy it are always in boxes, I only only rub one or two of them on my chest.

Batagor is my favorite food. The aroma of mackerel fish in the meatballs and fried contents mixed with peanut sauce has always succeeded in making my stomach not stop rejecting it. In Surabaya, there are quite a lot of batagor, starting from the street vendors hanging in front of schools and in restaurants. However, tasting the original Batagor from Bandung is even more special, because there is no such thing as Batagor Surabaya.

Bandung Culinary Favorite

There are two famous Batagor in Bandung, namely Batagor Kingsley and Batagor Riri. Both of these Batagors have their own fans, some say Batagor Kingsley is better and some say Batagor Riri is better. For me, both are just as delicious. When I was in Bandung, I didn’t taste it directly from the outlet, so I packed this batagor for souvenirs. Fortunately, there are not only one or two employees, but many. When we arrive, we have to queue first, then order and get a queue number. Later when Batagor is ready, we will be call again according to the queue number.

One batagor item in the form of baso or tofu peritem costs Rp. 12,000, – per box consisting of 10, namely Rp. 120.000, – which includes peanut sauce. But if you want to buy 5 pieces, you can still do it. Then what about taking Batagor by train for 18 hours to Surabaya? It’s safe, because it hasn’t reached the destination yet has been snacked until it runs out.

Batagor Riri the Packaging is More Practical

Initially I did not intend to buy Batagor Riri because I already bought Batagor Kingsley, but because there was Whatsap who entrusted Batagor, then I bought Batagor Riri. I bought it at the branch near Kartika Sari, in this branch the queue is not as busy as the center. I do not know if the center must be as busy as Kingsley’s batagor.

Unlike the Kingsley Batagor, the Batagor Riri has a more practical packaging. Wrapped in airtight plastic and vacuum sealing. For the price of Riri Batagor, the same as the Kingsley batagor for 10 contents, the price is Rp. 120.000, – and includes peanut sauce.
Soes Merdeka is a legendary soes in the city of Bandung. Now its branches have spread to several cities, namely Jakarta, Depok, Bogor, Jogjakarta, Surabaya and Denpasar-Bali. Especially for Surabaya, I just realized that Soes Merdeka is on Jalan Ngangel Madya and Mayjend Sungkono.

There are two versions of Soes Merdeka, namely halal and non-halal. What is lawful is not wearing rhum. You know what rhum is? It is a kind of intoxicating drink, if you taste it, it feels sour like a strong sprite in the mouth. So choose the ones without rumors, then the packaging will be written without rumors. One item of independent soes is price at Rp. 8,000, – You can buy whole grains or if you don’t want to bother, there is a package per box of 10. Besides soes, Soes Merdeka also has some snacks and cakes, but the favorite is of course the soes, right? The name is “Soes Merdeka”. (Bandung Culinary Favorite For Souvenirs)

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