Afternoon Hangout at Mano Beach Club Bali

Afternoon Hangout at Mano Beach Club Bali – Choosing a beach club in Bali is confusing because there are so many choices and many new ones. After a long browsing, I finally decided to hang out in the afternoon at Mano Beach Club Bali.

It’s no secret that hanging out at a beach club there is always a minimum order. As soon as I enter the Mano Beach Club the waitres immediately told me there was a minimum order for adults of Rp. 100.000, – my 7 year old child has no minimum order.

In my opinion, the price is not too expensive compare to other beach clubs. Even though Mano Beach Club is not too popular as a favorite and contemporary beach club. Maybe because the beach atmosphere is quieter than other beach clubs.

The interior concept at Mano Beach is like a carribean with thatched tents. You can choose a seat with a chair or bean bag. Luckily I came in the afternoon, I got a good spot on the front bean bag without being block by another seat.

The Location Afternoon Hangout at Mano Beach Club Bali

There is also a swimming pool which is free to use for free. The swimming pool is also really a favorite there because there are so many swimming. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the swimming pool. To be precise, I don’t forget hehehe..but because many are wearing bikinis, I am afraid to disturb my privacy.

The location of Mano Beach, which is in front of a petitenget beach, makes it easy for me to explore the beach. Just walk on the connecting bridge from the beach to the beach club.

There are many choices for the food menu at Mano Baech. The price is not exactly cheap, but the price is standard for beach clubs in Bali. I chose a light snack because I wanted more culinary at night. My order was Deep Freed Calamari (60k) with a minimalist portion. The calamari is given crispy flour and there is mayonnaise. It’s really good because it’s not fishy, ​​it’s not tough and the seasonings soak into the calamari. The next menu I forgot the name, if I’m not mistake, it’s “Dips (60k)”. The menu is potato shape balls top with cheese and mayonnaise. The taste is also so good that we scramble to enjoy it because a serving only contains 5. (Afternoon Hangout at Mano Beach Club Bali)

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