A Coffee Place That Makes You Comfortable In Bandung

Bumi Kiwari Cafe, A Coffee Place That Makes You Comfortable In Bandung – Want to enjoy coffee in a cool, fresh atmosphere, with a thick village nuance? Friends, try Bumi Kiwari Coffee, Community & Eatery.

For some coffee lovers, maybe the name sounds familiar. Bumi Kiwari is a branch of Kiwari Farmers, a coffee shop in the upper padasuka area.

Slightly different from Kiwari Farmers, the place in Bumi Kiwari is wider with a beautiful cafe design.
The unique thing that Bumi Kiwari has to offer, is that apart from a great coffee shop, it is also a gathering place for several communities. Among others, the Sampahku community, the Astronomy community, coffee processing, and so on.

All About Bumi Kiwari Coffee

Of course this can be an added value in itself. Apart from coming to enjoy coffee and various snacks, we can also gain knowledge and information; through the various communities that take shelter here.
The location of Bumi Kiwari is on Jalan Balong, Cimenyan Village, Cimenyan District, Bandung Regency. One way with the Kiwari farmer and also the tourist attractions of Puncak Bintang, Bukit Moko, and Cartil / Caringin Tilu.

So, for friends who travel there, you can take a break while having a pretty coffee here. The place is also easy to find. Located approximately 15 meters from the junction of Cibalong road which leads to Dago from Cimenyan, you can immediately see it.

The benchmark is the T-junction right before the long Caringin Tilu incline. At the T-junction area there is also a signpost so it’s easy to find.

The place is higher and wider than Kiwari Farmer, so the air feels fresher too.
Various foods are offered here. Like cireng, pisang goreng, to its signature culinary, namely kere chicken, in the form of chicken jerky that is nicely seasoned with spices and chili sauce.(Bumi Kiwari Cafe, A Coffee Place That Makes You Comfortable In Bandung)

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