This time I will share 10 Chinese foods that are famous for their delicacy and of course the 10 culinary delights below are very popular in various restaurant.

China has indeed become one of the countries that has a lot of delicious dishes that are recognized as one of the tastiest foods in the world. Now maybe you only know some Chinese food.

What are you waiting for? let’s try 10 Chinese foods below:

1. Mapo Doufu

This doufu mapo is one of the traditional Chinese dishes which is very popular in China and is one of the favorite foods of guys. This doufu mapo actually comes from Shincuan province and for those of you who don’t know, this doufu mapo consists of tofu which is diced and then cooked with a mixture of ground beef, chili powder, leeks, bean paste, and other spices that make 1 serving of Mapo doufu It has a soft, savory, spicy, sweet, and of course delicious.

2. La Ji Zi

La ji zi is indeed a very hit food in China and la ji zi means dry spicy chicken. This La ji zi consists of diced chicken pieces and then fried until dry with a few spices, namely sichuan chili, dried chilies, garlic, leeks, soy sauce, salt, sugar, and other mixed seasonings, to taste the meat is tender and seasoning. taste, sweet, salty, spicy, and tasty.

3. Hainan Jifan

Hainan Jifan or what is known as Hainanese rice is indeed a traditional Chinese food that Indonesians really enjoy doing. for those of you who don’t know what Hainan rice consists of? Well, Hainanese rice is actually rice that is cooked with spices and chicken broth and then cooked and served with side dishes, usually chicken, broth, and soy sauce. This food is very delicious and you definitely must try !!! For taste, don’t ask, Hainan rice has a delicious taste, it will be more delicious if you eat it with chicken and special sauce for Hainanese rice, guys.

4. Sanbeiji

This one dish is very unique because in 1 serving of making this sanbeiji it requires a lot of spices. Actually this sanbeiji consists of chicken which is cooked with 3 cups of spices according to its name, namely Sanbeiji (three cups), sprinkled with rice wine, sweet soy sauce and a cup of lard, can you imagine how good a serving of sanbeiji tastes? The seasoning is tasty, the aroma is delicious, and the meat is tender. Basically this sanbeiji is really recommended for those of you who really like Chinese dishes.

5. Nian Gao (Basket Cake)

Maybe you are already familiar with this 5th food. This basket cake is already well-known in Indonesia to be one of the traditional Chinese foods that are always hunted during the Chinese New Year, guys. This basket cake nag actually consists of sticky rice, sugar, which is rounded. Then usually cut into pieces and fried with eggs that have been beaten with sugar, and one piece of basket cake is ready to be dilahab. For the taste is just right, chewy, and really good, just 1 piece is not enough guys.

6. Tangculiji

Tangculiji has become one of the traditional Chinese foods. And this one dish originated from Sichuan and is already popular in various restaurants in China and even abroad. This Tangculiji consists of pork fillet mixed with flour and then fried. After being drained the tangculiji is cooked in sweet and sour sauce. So that it tastes sweet, spicy, and the pork chunks taste delicious. It will be more delicious if eaten with warm rice.


7. Gong Bao Ji Ding

Maybe many people still don’t know the name of the food above, Gong Bao Ji Ding is actually kungpao chicken which has a delicious taste. This dish is actually the same as the existing dish because it comes from Sichuan province. For those of you who don’t know this kungpao chicken consists of anything. The basic ingredients of this kungpao chicken are diced aam, beans, large chilies, mixed with sweet and sour sauce, and cook until the chicken is browned. To taste the chicken is soft, sweet, salty, and tasty guys.

8. Wonton

This seventh Chinese dish is called wonton and is the food that tourists love most when visiting China. This wonton is almost similar to dumplings in Indonesia. What distinguishes wonton from dumplings is the way to serve it if wonton is usually served with soup. And if in Indonesia dumplings are usually served with broth.

9. Chow Mien

This Chinese food called chow mien actually consists of Chinese noodles. Which are fried until dry then mixed with shrimp, chicken, vegetables, and spices that give you the perfect taste. This chow mien is actually a dish from the canton region that has become a world famous dish with its delicious sweet, salty, sweet, savory, and delicious taste !!! makes anyone addicted after trying chow mien.

10. Peking duck

This last food, who doesn’t know for sure, already knows all the culinary guys. This one is already famous for its deliciousness. This Peking duck is a legendary Chinese dish from the past until now. This dish used to be a special dish for kings in China. And this Peking duck meat will be more delicious when mixed with sweet and sour sauce so it creates the perfect taste. This Peking duck is roasted so it has a brownish color, but the skin of this Peking duck tasted yummy guys. This Peking duck will taste very delicious when eaten with warm rice or red soup. So what are you waiting for, let’s hurry and try Peking duck.

So, those are 10 Most Popular Chinese foods that you must try while in China or Various Restaurant that you are currently visiting, guys.  Now, instead of being curious, let’s hunt for culinary delights !!!!

Hopefully the above article is useful for those of you who are looking for what Chinese culinary delights are.

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