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Ciamis Culinary Tour That Appeals To The Taste

Ciamis Culinary Tour That Appeals To The Taste – In addition to offering tours that are so beautiful, such as mega tours of Icakan, traditional Kuta villages, Curug Tujuh Cibolang, there Situ Lengkong and many other ciamis tours. Ciamis city also has a variety of special culinary delights that you can try when visiting it.

Some of the typical ciamis foods are famous such as pindang gunung, golosor noodles and beef jerky.

A variety of specialties from Ciamis can be one of your culinary destinations or for family gifts at home. Some of the foods served do have their own uniqueness both in taste and shape.
Pindang Gunung is one of the Ciamis Typical Foods that you must try when visiting Ciamis, West Java.

Ciamis Specialties Recommended

Fish that are often used in cooking are snapper, red snapper, tuna, carwang and mangmung. Pindang Gunung is serve with fresh soup. The fish is cut neatly, then put it in a pan that already has several ingredients such as candlenuts, chilies, shrimp paste, salt, ginger and other ingredien. You can easily find this dish in various places in Ciamis.
The Ciamis people’s favorite specialty food is Galendo which is a food with a delicious and delicious taste.

The bottom sediment still has oil, so it must be compact and dried. After the galendo is completely dry, it can be chopp and ready to serve. With an increasingly advanced era, galendo now has flavors such as original, apple, strawberry, chocolate, lemon, and others.

Beef Jerky is a typical meal that is often serve on special occasions such as thanksgiving. Dry jerky will last longer or last longer, even if you don’t store it in the refrigerator.

Typical Ciamis food you must try when visiting Ciamis, West Java. Many people from outside the area deliberately come to this place just to enjoy this Ciamis specialty.

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Unique Jakarta Culinary Tour That Is Again Hits

Unique Jakarta Culinary Tour That Is Again Hits – Jakarta’s culinary delights are truly diverse. Maybe this is a reflection of Jakarta’s human diversity. As the nation’s capital, people from all over the world are here. Betawi people themselves, people from all regions of Indonesia, as well as from abroad.
Jakarta culinary tourism can no longer be just plain and delicious. Because if you talk about delicious and tasty, busy people with the highest UMR in Indonesia, maybe they can get it every day. What they need is a different experience when enjoying culinary.

They get different experiences in culinary tourism in Jakarta when they eat in unique places. For example, a panoramic view of the forest, even though it is in the city. Or feel the atmosphere back in the village at grandparent’s house during Eid homecoming by eating under a tree. Things like this have colored Jakarta’s culinary hits recently.
Choice of Culinary Locations in Jakarta
Here are some culinary attractions in Jakarta that you can try to start your adventure to taste the capital city of this country.

Take A Bite Cafe Unique Jakarta Culinary

For fans of the Harry Potter story, there is no need to go far to Osaka or London. Even in Jakarta, you can feel the unique experience of being in a magical atmosphere of magic. The experience is even packaged in the form of a Jakarta culinary tour, which offers a memorable dining experience with the atmosphere of the Hogwarts Campus.

At this culinary location in Jakarta, visitors can hunt for Harry Potter-themed photos in all corners, including platform replicas 9 ¾. At first glance, this cafe looks like the Three Broomsticks shop in Diagon Alley, complete with dim lights, wooden chairs, and magic posters. which was pinned to the pillars.

It is not only the architectural design that depicts the world of Harry Potter, but also the delicious menu that it offers. There is Butterbeer which is a favorite among Hogwarts residents. For the food menu, there are various things, such as processed rice, noodles, and contemporary snacks.(Unique Jakarta Culinary Tour That Is Again Hits)

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Great Coffee Shop in Bandung

Great Coffee Shop in Bandung – One more hit place in Bandung, Armor Kopi Bandung. This coffee shop in Bandung is quite unique, located among the pine trees at the THR Juanda Dago gate.
The outdoor concept is different from other culinary places. Here you can enjoy coffee and other food directly outside the room, in the beautiful THR Juanda area.
The uniqueness of Bandung Coffee Armor
This place is quickly recognized, perhaps because of its unique location and concept. The coffee armor building itself is relatively small, yes, but the open space to enjoy the coffee is quite wide. The building looks unique and blends in with the surrounding conditions, because it uses neat wood materials.
Because outside the room, of course, it feels fresher. In addition, the location is in the area of ​​the Juanda Grand Forest Park. Here you can have coffee with friends, while sitting under a pine tree and overlooking the artificial lake in the THR Juanda area.
The cold weather here, especially at night, will make your coffee enjoyment even more pronounced.

Address / Location of Bandung Coffee Armor

The address / location of the Bandung Coffee Armor is right near the THR Juanda parking area at the dago gate. You will not be in the wrong place, just point the vehicle at THR Juanda Dago, and the location will be immediately visible from the parking lot.
Because it is in the THR Juanda area, like it or not you have to pay an entrance ticket to the Juanda Grand Forest Park to be able to have a coffee at Armor Coffee.
To get to the location, point your vehicle towards Dago Atas. Follow it until you find a T-junction on the left towards the Juanda forest park. About 2 KM from there, you will arrive at the location.

Menu Armor Coffee Bandung

The Bandung coffee armor menu is quite diverse. Of course, this place provides a wide variety of coffee choices. Not only coffee, you also have other drinks.
Make no mistake, the coffee served here can be said to be “authentic”. Unlike in many other places that sell regular coffee at high prices.
Various types of Arabica, Robusta, and Liberica coffee are available here. You can also request the way of serving it as you wish, such as the French press, mokapot, or Vietnamese drip technique. Other drinks besides coffee are also available, such as; Green Tea, Black Tea, Honey Milk Tea and Oolong tea.
In this place there is no heavy food, but the complementary snacks available are enough to fill the stomach.
Some of the available snacks include; rujak cireng, Bitter ballen, Bukan risol, Cabe-chili siengkong (fried cassava), cheese fried banana, etc.
The price offered is also quite cheap, you know. Food and drinks here start from Rp. 13,000 to Rp. 30,000 are still friendly in our pockets.

Culinary Specialties From Indonesia

Typical Yogyakarta Culinary Specialties From Indonesia – Gudeg is a typical culinary from Yogyakarta. Other cities in the vicinity also have warm recipes. However, for residents outside Yogyakarta and Central Java, warm is always synonymous with Jogja. Maybe not many people know, this food has a history that is quite unique. It is said that during the clear of the forest, which is now locate in one of the oldest cities in Yogya, Kotagede, there were many jackfruit and coconut trees. The numbers are so abundant. And from that moment the name gudeg emerge. ‘Hangudeg’, ‘udeg’, which means stirring, and eventually gradually became an attribute of the traditional menu;  which is now popularly bearing the name gudeg.

From the same source, it is also state that gudeg is include in Centhini’s Fiber. The Javanese encyclopedia provide that in 1742 Javanese year or 1814 AD. It is says, when Raden Mas Cebolang visit Pangeran Tembayat’s hermitage, in the afternoon the host was treat to a warm menu. From the records of Serat Centhini, it can be seen that warm at that time was not only made from young jackfruit, but also manggar.

If you observe the history of the development and development of the city in the former Vorstenlanden area; you will also see the history of the development of the warm industry there. The growth of the warm industry cannot be separate from the history of the development of this city. Besides warm Indonesia, there are also many other culinary foods, namely Nasi Uduk.

Culinary Specialties From Indonesia

The expansion from just the City of Students to become a destination city for tourism destinations; that attaches cultural characteristics is certainly beneficial for the formation; of markets as well as branding the image of the existence of warm as traditional food. Referring to BPS sources, the three cities that have been the barometer of national tourism activities are Jakarta, Bali and Yogyakarta.

Apart from that, of course it is important to mention the growth of the middle class in the city of Yogyakarta; as a driving factor for the growth of the warm industry. The growing tourism sector will certainly encourage the emergence of a consumption middle class; which will soon have a big impact on the development of warm culinary.

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The Most Popular Malaysian Food – Part 2

The sum of many delicious parts, Malaysian cuisine’s influences include Chinese, Indian and Malay. In some ways it’s similar to Indonesian food, with the two nations sharing many of the same dishes. Regardless, once you’re in Malaysia and eating, you’ll quickly dispense with historical concerns and wonder instead where your next meal is coming from and how you can you get to it sooner. This article will discuss about another list for the most popular Malaysian food for your recommend.

1. Wantan Mee

The next popular Malaysian culinary is Wantan Mee. Wantan mee itself is a noodle from China which is popular in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Maybe in Indonesia this noodle dish is better known as wonton noodles. These noodles are formulated from a combination of Hokkien noodles and wonton or dumplings that are doused with broth and minced meat.

2. Pull noodles

It’s not just tea that is pulled you know! This is because Malaysia also has a noodle dish which is processed by slamming and pulling the noodles. Pulled noodles may be found anywhere, including in Indonesia. However, this food is very popular in Malaysia. Mie Tarik or also called Lamian actually originates from China. This noodle is very special because the process of making this Mie Tarik can be a very interesting show. This noodle has a soft texture with a fresh broth. In addition, these noodles are also often served with side dishes such as boiled eggs or sliced ​​meat.

3. Chicken Percik

The next famous Malaysian culinary is Ayam Percik. As the name implies, this culinary is made from chicken which is obtained with various types of spices. Malaysia has 2 famous types of chicken, namely the Kelantan and the Trengganu. The Kelantan percik chicken uses sauce and spices from a mixture of coconut milk and a number of spices, while the Trengganu percik chicken is made with the addition of chili seasoning so that the taste is spicier and more appetizing. This chicken is usually processed by soaking the chicken in spices and then grilling it so that it is slightly angus. When the chicken is being grilled, it will usually be sprinkled with additional seasonings so it is called chicken splash.

4. Chicken Pongteh

Furthermore, there is Pongteh Chicken which is one of the typical Malaysian foods that you must try when traveling to the neighboring country. Unlike the chicken percik, pongteng chicken is usually served with potato wedges and shitake mushrooms. At first glance, this dish is similar to Indonesian chicken stew. The color of the sauce is reddish brown and a bit thick, with a distinctive taste due to the use of tauco that is mixed when it is cooked.

5. Umai

If Japan has sushi made from raw fish, then Malaysia has umai which is both made from raw fish. The fish you choose to make umai must be fresh. Not all types of fish can be made umai. Usually, Malaysians choose terubuk fish, machetes, white pomfret, black pomfret, or shrimp. This Malaysian fish dish is served with a mixture of shallots, garlic, chilies, salt and seasonings.

The Most Popular Malaysian Food – Part 1

For those of you who frequently travel to Malaysia, of course you are familiar with the taste of Malaysian specialties, such as nasi lemak which is so famous to various countries including Indonesia. Apart from nasi lemak, Malaysia still has many other specialties that are popular and have an appetizing taste. So, here is a list of the most popular and mouth-watering Malaysian specialties food that you must try when on vacation in Malaysia. So let’s check it out guys!

1. Nasi Lemak

The most popular Malaysian food starts with Nasi Lemak. Surely you are already familiar with this one food? Nasi lemak is rice cooked with coconut milk and pandan leaves to give the rice a wet, oily texture accompanied by a savory aroma. Fat rice is usually served with eggs, cucumber slices, long beans, peanuts, tofu, tempeh, petai, fish, shellfish, shrimp, squid, cuttlefish, chicken, or beef. For Malaysians, nasi lemak is usually eaten for breakfast.

2. Nasi Kandar

Not only nasi lemak, nasi kandar is also one of the popular Malaysian culinary delights that you must try while on vacation in a neighboring country. This rice at a glance similar to nasi lemak when viewed from the way it served. It’s just that the difference is in the added curry which makes it rich in spices. This rice usually served with chicken, shrimp, and crackers.

3. Nasi Kerabu

Furthermore, there is Nasi Kerabu which is arguably a typical Malaysian culinary icon that is often hunted by tourists. This dish quite unique because the rice used has a bluish color because cooked with telang flower petals. Kerabu rice also has a fragrant aroma, which comes from spices such as kecombrang, kesum leaves, kaduk leaves, and others. Usually Nasi Kerabu served along with various side dishes such as grilled chicken, fried salted fish, salted eggs, crackers and various types of vegetables.

4. Banana Leaf Rice

As the name implies, Nasi Daun Pisang a dish in the form of rice with several side dishes served on banana leaves. Banana leaf rice is a typical Malaysian food originating from India. Usually Banana Leaf Rice served along with side dishes such as shrimp, fried fish or chicken and various vegetables. What makes it special is the curry spices that make the taste of Indian specialties not disappear.

5. Mee Kolok

For noodle fans, you must try the typical Malaysian Mee Kolok. Mee Kolok, which means sticky noodles in Indonesian. Type of dry or sliced ​​noodle which is popular in Sarawak, Malaysia. This Malaysian noodle dish usually served with plain soup or soy sauce, with the addition of shredded chicken, seafood, or beef and vegetables such as mustard greens or green onions. This noodle the best eaten when it’s still warm with the addition of super spicy chili sauce.

We still have more list for the most popular malaysian food for your recommend on the next article, stay tuned!


The Best Mayonnaise Brand – Part 2

This article will continued discuss about the best mayonnaise brand. So many mayonnaise product that recommend for you which product are from abroad or within the country. Here the list.

1. Spicy Mayumi Mayonnaise

This mayonnaise product is also very popular in the community with a variety of packaging sizes that you can choose from. This mayonnaise has a less spicy taste and is smoother than the spicy wasabi flavor. This product is perfect for use as a fried dip or salad dressing.

2. O-mayo Mayo Sauce

If you are enjoying foods that are generally oily, you can use this one mayo, namely Mayo Sauce O-mayo. This mayonnaise has a sweet taste that is quite strong, so it goes well with greasy foods. This product is packaged in various sizes but there is no tube or large bottle packaging so it is very difficult to store.

3. Prochiz Mayo

Prochiz Mayo is one of the best mayonnaise brands with a delicious taste because it is made from selected cheeses. This product processed with cheddar cheese and other raw materials to produce a tasty and thick mayonnaise. This product is perfect for salads, burgers, sandwiches and more.

4. Praise Real Whole Egg Mayonnaise

Praise Real Whole Egg Mayonnaise is a delicious mayonnaise brand. This product comes from Australia which is made from whole eggs so it has a thick texture and a creamy taste. Apart from eggs, mayonnaise is also made from sunflower oil which contains antioxidants. By using selected raw materials, without artificial colorings and flavors. Mayonnaise is also very safe for consumption.

5. Papaya Kaihatsu Mayonaise

Papaya Kaihatsu Mayonaise uses natural ingredients and the manufacturing process makes it healthier. The taste of mayonnaise is delicious but not too strong so it is suitable for those of you who don’t like sour taste. But unfortunately, this product is quite expensive and the portion is not big enough.

6. Telly Vegetarian Mayo

Telly Vegetarian Mayo is one of the best mayonnaise brands originating from Malaysia which has a fresh taste with a creamy texture which can be used as a salad dressing and topping. Mayonnaise is suitable for consumption for you vegetarians because it is made from soybean oil, powdered milk, sugar and soybeans. Because it does not contain eggs, this product is also suitable for those of you who have egg allergy problems.

7. Thousand Island MC Lewis

Thousand Island MC Lewis is one of the most delicious mayonnaise brands that you can use for a variety of foods. Starting from hot dogs, burgers, potatoes or others. This product is processed with the latest technology using a variety of selected ingredients. This mayonnaise has a good taste and is not too strong, besides that it is also available in various flavors. Thousand Island MC Lewis is very suitable for those of you who are running a diet program.

The Best Mayonnaise Brand – Part 1

Looking for the best and most delicious mayonnaise brand for your various food creations? After knowing the tips for choosing mayonnaise, the following will recommend some of the best mayonnaise brands that you can choose, including:

1. Euro Gourmet Spicy Mayonnaise

This mayonnaise brand is included in the Cimory Group which produces various kinds of mayonnaise. One of the variants that you can try is the Spicy Euro Gourmet Mayonnaise. This mayonnaise uses the basic ingredients of soybean oil and egg yolk. This product is enriched with a fresh sour taste and a savory taste that will make you addicted. This mayonnaise has a texture that is perfect for a deep fried dip.

2. Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise

If you’re looking for the right mayonnaise for your diet then you can give Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise a try. Apart from containing eggs, oil and vinegar, this mayonnaise also contains many other benefits. With a large content of omega 3 and saturated fat which is good for health.

3. Kraft Light Mayo

Kraft Light Mayo is made with selected ingredients that are low in fat and calories so it is perfect for those of you who are dieting. Although it is light mayonnaise, it has a rich flavor and is just as delicious as any other mayonnaise. This product can not only be used for sauces, but can also be used as a cooking ingredient for a variety of recipes.

4. Kenko Restaurant Mayonnaise

Judging from its name, this mayonnaise is a Japanese product with a high taste and delicious taste. This product made of 17% egg yolk so that it has a thick texture and a thick yellow color. The taste of mayonnaise is tasty and not as acidic as other mayonnaise. This mayonnaise is suitable as a topping or dip for various types of food.

5. Kewpie Original Mayonnaise

One of the most delicious brands of mayonnaise that you can use for all types of food is Kewpie Original Mayonnaise. This product uses ingredients that meet health standards so it is very safe for consumption. This mayonnaise made from rich flavored egg yolk and soybean oil. You can mix it into various foods such as salads, sandwiches and other foods to add to the enjoyment of the taste.

6. Maestro Mayonnaise

Who does not know Maestro Mayonnaise, this product produced by Lasallefood Indonesia which offers various variants. This mayonnaise has a soft and creamy texture so it is very suitable to be used to enhance the taste of food. This product is very suitable for complementing potatoes, tofu and other foods.

7. Mama likes Mayonnaise

This mayonnaise brand is certainly very popular in the community. MamaSuka Mayonnaise made from selected ingredients using pure soybean oil, egg yolk and fermented vinegar. This product has a delicious taste and is suitable for Indonesian tongues. You can make this mayonnaise as a salad dressing or sandwich.

8. Melrose Organic Sunflower

This mayonnaise is a product from Australia that uses organic sunflower oil as the base ingredient. This product can be the right choice for those of you who want to live a healthy life and are allergic to eggs or soybeans. Although this mayonnaise does not contain eggs, it still has a delicious taste and a soft and creamy texture.

We still have more list for the best mayonnaise brand for your recommend on next article, stay tuned!


Tips for Choosing the Best Mayonnaise Brand

Who doesn’t know mayonnaise? Mayonnaise is a type of sauce made from the main ingredients of vegetable oil, chicken eggs and vinegar. But there is also mayonnaise that uses egg yolks only or uses lemon juice or mustard to taste. In general, this mayonnaise is used for flavoring in sandwiches or salads. But there are also those who use mayonnaise for other food sauces. So that you get the highest quality mayonnaise product, it’s a good idea to see the full tips below for Choosing the Best Mayonnaise Brand.

Mayonnaise has a wide variety of variants and flavors that you can find in supermarkets. Sometimes there are so many mayonnaise products being sold on the market, it makes us confused about which product to choose. So that you don’t buy it wrong, here are some tips for choosing the best mayonnaise brand.

1. Check the raw material

In general, mayonnaise uses the main ingredient of eggs or uses only egg yolks. For mayonnaise using whole eggs, they usually have a slightly whiter color and are light in taste. With its light taste, it is certainly very suitable to be combined with foods that are thickly textured or have a thick taste. Meanwhile, mayonnaise that uses egg yolk has a rich flavor making it suitable as a complement to vegetables or as a dip. But for those of you who are allergic to eggs it is not suitable to consume this egg-based mayonnaise. We recommend that you choose mayonnaise made from other ingredients.

2. Pay attention to the composition and additives additives

Not only eggs, mayonnaise is also added with other ingredients to add flavor. You can see this in the composition table before buying it. In general, processed products cannot be separated from the addition of additives or other chemical substances. If you are very concerned about your health, then just choose products without additives. For those of you who have small children, it’s better to choose products that are made without the addition of non-GMO vegetable oils which are certainly healthier.

3. If You Are On a Diet Choose Low Salt

In general, 100 grams of mayonnaise made from whole eggs contains 700 kcal. While mayonnaise made from egg yolk contains about 670 kcal. For those of you who are on a diet, choose low or no salt mayonnaise. Although very rare, now there is also mayonnaise which is low in sugar.

The best Mexican Restaurants in Jakarta – Part 2

How delicious is the menu offered by the Mexican restaurant in article before? No wonder the place is said to be the best Mexican restaurants in Jakarta. Now from the row of restaurants above, which one would you like to visit? Or have you been? Here we continued the list of the best  mexican resturants in Jakarta.

1. El Asador South American Restaurant

Beef lovers must visit this restaurant in Kemang, namely El-Asador. When you look inside, you will be treated to a view of the bar and rows of wine and liquor bottles. What’s interesting about this restaurant is that there is an open kitchen for a large BBQ so you can see the manufacturing process.

The menus offered here are also very varied and of course you will feel satisfied eating them. This place is also very suitable as a place to hang out with friends while tasting a few drinks.

2. Gonzo’s Tex Mex Grill

The next Mexican restaurant you must visit is Gonzo’s Tex Mex Grill. This restaurant occupies the lower ground area at Lotte Shopping Avenue, Central Jakarta.

The place is a little off the beaten track but it will be easy to find it because the restaurant is dominated by bright colors. There are also several ornaments typical of North American countries such as cactus plants to paintings.

The menu offered here is quite diverse, ranging from tacos, burritos, nachos, quesadillas to tapas. While for the drink menu, there are frozen juices to mocktails.

Anyway, if you visit Lotte Shopping Avenue, don’t forget to visit this place!

3. Picante Mexican Grill

Even though you are in an office building, you must taste this one restaurant. This restaurant offers a colorful and playful interior so that it looks very different from restaurants in other office areas.

Here you can choose tacos, burritos, quesadillas and more. What’s interesting is that you can choose the filling yourself, there are meat (Grilled Chicken, Grilled Steak, Fish or Barbacoa), rice (Lime Basmati or Brown Rice), pinto beans (Red or Black), sauces (Salsa Verde, Salsa Roja, Vinaigrette, Ranch , Tartar Sauce, etc), and other additions (guacamole, corn, salsa, lettuce, etc.).

Therefore, you will definitely get a menu that suits your taste and what you want.

4. Taco Bell

This dining place can be said to be quite new, where this restaurant is located on Jalan Senopati Number 96, South Jakarta. Taco Bell is a food product from the United States, but the taste of the food has been adapted to the tastes of Indonesians.

Here there are about 21 food menus, 8 snack choices and 4 snack sharing plates. Of the many menus, some of the most popular foods here are burritos, nachos, quesadillas and tacos.

When viewed from the facilities, this place is quite complete and suitable for hanging out with friends, especially the availability of high-speed wifi.