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Culinary Tour in Bandung Cocorico Cafe & Resto

Culinary Tour in Bandung Cocorico Cafe & Resto – Clamped holiday yesterday, steal the opportunity to unwind traveling to Bandung. Excuse me from the hustle and bustle of the capital. Even though I didn’t really take it easy, because I was a little stuck in a traffic jam; that made my body tired too.

Arriving in Bandung, you already want to find a place to loosen your stiff bones. There are several cafes in the area, but this one is the most eye catchy with its unique green exterior appearance, from the outside it looks beautiful and comfortable, so we checked the location at Cocorico Cafe & Resto.

The second floor also has an outdoor section with cool views both day and night. At that time we chose to sit in the indoor area, although the air was quite fresh there, but the sun was quite fierce. For snacking, we ordered Fried Banana with Ice Cream (IDR 28,000). You can try this menu.

Culinary Tour in Bandung Cocorico Cafe & Resto

Chef Chicken Pizza (Rp. 55,000) for the sharing menu, the pizza is very thin and feels crunchy and crunchy but not hard. The pizza layer is quite delicious, but the topping of the chicken pieces is a bit tasteless; and tastes a little spicy because there are chili slices.

Then Roasted Baby Chicken (Rp.65,000), half a chicken portion, first served immediately, the aroma is great and the chicken tastes delicious as well as the sauce is quite tasty, actually this menu is blackpepper sauce but we request to change it to a mushroom sauce.

The last menu, we ordered Chicken Florentine (Rp. 55,000), the rice was creamy, smell like a cheese risotto, top with chicken karage and mushrooms. Even though the presentation is simple, it tastes great.

Overall, you can ‘duck’ this place and the price is still comparable to the taste and cozy atmosphere they offer, oh yes this place is only about 15 minutes walk from The Valley.(Culinary Tour in Bandung Cocorico Cafe & Resto)

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Typical North Sumatra Culinary You Need to Try

Typical North Sumatra Culinary You Need to Try – The North Sumatra region is indeed popular for its natural beauty which can attract thousands of tourists. But not only is it bless with natural charm, this area also has a variety of specialties that have unique flavors and are guarante to be addictive.

If interprete in Indonesian, Dekke Na Niura means fish that is manage without using fire but is good and delicious to eat. This fish is cook through the fermentation of the main seasoning, namely Batak acid or what is often known as “Utte Sira”. Commonly used fish are goldfish and tilapia.

This food tastes exactly like spiced fresh fish but does not have a fishy smell. The connoisseur of this dish will find a bitter taste; because of the typical Batak spices contained in it, namely andaliman.

Typical North Sumatra Culinary You Need to Try

Lappet, a sweet snack that is usually serve wrapp in banana leaves, is a typical North Sumatra food serve in a round or cone; triangle shape. These snacks are usually made from glutinous rice flour or plain rice fille with brown sugar or coconut in the middle which will melt when eaten. If you use sticky rice, this food will taste sticky and savory when enjoyed. This food will be very easy to find around the balige to tarutung area.

Dali Ni Horbo, natural buffalo milk that is processed into food has the appearance of tofu but tastes like cheese. That’s why this preparation is often dub the typical Batak cheese. This buffalo milk comes from a nursing mother. The squeeze milk is then serve in a Batak style. Milk is cook with several ingredients and served like porridge. Fresh milk is first mix with pineapple extract, after which it is cook until thicken. This thickened dali can be consume immediately. Some also process it first by cooking it with typical Batak spices to make it more enjoyable to eat.(Typical North Sumatra Culinary You Need to Try)

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Take the Time to Taste Jakarta Culinary That Tastes Genuine Champions

Take the Time to Taste Jakarta Culinary That Tastes Genuine Champions – Speaking of Jakarta, of course the word ‘jammed’ is probably the first thing that comes to your mind. In fact, besides the dense traffic and crowded malls, Jakarta can also be your culinary tourism destination, you know. Just like Bandung, Jogja, or Solo, Betawi culinary specialties are also worth trying.

Egg crust is one of the Betawi region’s most popular specialties. This food is made from several ingredients including white glutinous rice, chicken eggs or duck eggs, ebi (dry shrimp), grate dry roast coconut, and fried onions, red chilies, kencur, ginger, pepper, salt and sugar as a complementary seasoning. .

Asinan consists of various types of vegetables and fruits. The term “asinan” refers to the curing process by immersing the fruit or vegetables in a solution; of a mixture of water and salt. This Asinan is very similar to salad. The difference is, the salad ingredients are serve fresh, while the pickled ingredients are serve salt or pick. Well, Asinan Betawi is quite a popular snack in Jakarta. One that is reportedly the most popular is the Asinan BonBin Cikini shop.

Take the Time to Taste Jakarta Culinary That Tastes Genuine Champions

The hodgepodge menu is already popular in Indonesia. You can also find hodgepodge sellers in various cities. However, Jakarta’s typical hodgepodge is special because it consists of pieces of rice cake, spinach stew, tofu, bean sprouts, chicken eggs which are then cover with melinjo chips and prawn crackers.

Apart from that, one of the most special is the soft peanut sauce that is sprink on top. Just like the Asinan menu in the previous point, Gado-gado BonBin in Cikini is one of the most popular.

Nasi Uduk is similar to Nasi Liwet in Solo. Made from the basic ingredients of white rice which is roaste and steam with coconut milk and seasoned with nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, lemongrass and pepper. Usually, you can find Nasi Uduk menu in pecel catfish stalls on the streets of Jakarta.(Take the Time to Taste Jakarta Culinary That Tastes Genuine Champions)

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Must Try Kebumen Culinary Recommendations

Must Try Kebumen Culinary Recommendations – Kebumen Regency is one of the districts in Central Java and is on the southern coast of Java Island. The city is 3 hours from Jogjakarta and 1.5 hours from Purwokerto. This city is a city with quite a lot of tourist destinations, but besides the many tours, there are also many Kebumen specialties that you should try if you visit this city.

It will be incomplete if you visit the city of Kebumen without trying one of its many culinary specialties. Because this Kebumen culinary specialty will be very difficult to find if you are not in this city. In contrast to other cities whose typical food tends to be easily found in big cities, this city seems reluctant to take its special culinary out of town. Apart from being in order to maintain the authenticity of the existing recipes, they are only inherit from generation to generation. Therefore, even if you are a Kebumen person, you may not be able to make it.

Must Try Kebumen Culinary Recommendations

For those of you who like savory and crunchy snacks, this food will suit you with its varied flavors and unique shapes. This particular food is made from cassava flour. This food is a typical Kebumen snack that is crunchy and savory, which is sometimes eaten as a side dish; for meatballs or as a substitute for crackers.

Surely you are familiar with the name peyek, but what about yutuk peyek? Yes. Peyek which usually contains shrimp or beans here contains yutuk. Therefore, when you go to Kebumen, stop by the beach to enjoy a yutuk peyek. Its savory taste combined with peanut sauce makes this Yutuk peyek taste savory and sweet. (Must Try Kebumen Culinary Recommendations)

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Culinary From Cirebon You Must Try

Culinary From Cirebon You Must Try – Every time you leave Jakarta for the Central Java area, maybe you are familiar with a city called Cirebon. When you take the train from Jakarta to Semarang, Jogja, Surabaya or whatever, of course your train will stop for quite a while at Cirebon Station.

If the people of Yogyakarta and Solo have angkringan with their cat rice, then Cirebon doesn’t want to be outdone. Nasi Jamblang is the spearhead of the culinary field in Berintan City. Instea of being sold on a cart, Nasi Jamblang only has similarities in the portion of rice that is trade.

According to its history, Nasi Jamblang is rice that was sold during the Dutch colonial era. Precisely when the road construction from Anyer to Panarukan by Daendels. The workers can only eat rice wrapped in teak leaves, because it has a long shelf life. Well, only when it was cold did the workers start to eat it.

Culinary From Cirebon You Must Try

This typical Nasi Udang City is actually just a small bowl of rice with a variety of side dishes, ranging from omelette, spicy round egg, tempeh and bacem tofu, beef, chicken, fried shrimp, patties, rendang, and many more.

The Nasi Lengko culinary tour sold in Cirebon is almost the same as the pecel rice that you can find in Madiun. Both foods are load with protein. It’s just different in the sensation of the sauce.

It’s also different from Nasi Jamblang, Nasi Lengko is even better if you eat it while it’s warm. Warm white rice sprinkled with tempeh and chopped fried tofu, cucumber, bean sprouts, chives, and fried onions will bring you to the perfect level of vegetable protein, added with peanut sauce. Eits, calm down. This Sate Kalong comes from buffalo meat with a soft contour.

There is something unique about the way this Sate Kalong trader sells. Like buffaloes, they go around carrying their carts accompanied; by the sound of bells that “ring”, and sell their wares from late afternoon to midnight.(Culinary From Cirebon You Must Try)

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Manado Culinary is Also Famous For its Cool

Manado Culinary is Also Famous For its CoolManado, a city in North Sulawesi that holds a million charms. Not only its natural wealth, the local wisdom of the Manado people is also a tremendous attraction. Uniquely, Manado is also famous for its beautiful girls, you know! How come? It is said that many of the natives of Manado were edit by the Dutch and Japanese colonizers so that the descendants who were born were beautiful as they are now.

For those of you who are visiting Manado for the first time, you should not miss the opportunity to taste this culinary. Unlike the chicken porridge in Jakarta or Bandung, this Manado porridge looks healthier because it uses vegetables.  After that, the porridge will be served with salted fish and chili sauce.

Manado Culinary is Also Famous For its Cool

Chicken opor is not only a dish that is serve during Eid. Chicken Tuturuga is a typical Manado chicken opor dish that is usually serve as a daily menu. The taste of this dish is different; tasty, sticky, with a little spicy taste. Unlike the opor elsewhere, this Tuturuga Chicken is process with additional basil, lime, and even pandan leaves.

This one culinary is fairly easy to find in Manado. Its name is Nasi Jaha, it is made from a mixture of rice and sticky rice cook in bamboo that is roast. Usually, Nasi Jaha is available in almost all restaurants and restaurants in Manado.

Manado is one area that is famous for its spicy culinary. In Manado, you can find various types of chili sauce which is spicy and delicious. Well, one of them is this Sambal Bakasang.

Don’t admit to being fond of spicy culinary delights if you haven’t tried this one dish. Have the name Woku-woku Chicken or often call fish rica-rica, you who taste it are guaranteed to be addict.(Manado Culinary is Also Famous For its Cool)

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Typical Variety of Delicious Culinary From Pontianak

Typical Variety of Delicious Culinary From Pontianak – Culinary can indeed be a magnet for tourists. Bandung, Surabaya, or Solo, for example, are include in the ranks of popular tourist destination cities because of their culinary richness. After reviewing the culinary delights from several cities in Java, this time Hipwee wanted to go to Kalimantan for a moment. Take a look at the authentic culinary delights of the city of Pontianak which are said to be famous for their deliciousness.

Bubur Pedas is one of the most popular culinary delights from Pontianak City. This one dish is special because it uses unique ingredients, including fern shoots, galangal leaves, and other spices. The taste of this porridge is also very rich because you can find kale, kesum leaves, and fried peanuts and anchovies as sprinkles on it.

Typical Variety of Delicious Culinary From Pontianak

Apart from the spicy porridge, another culinary that is no less popular is the Punai bird. Punai bird is a type of bird similar to a dove, green and reddish beaks. The birds are usually caught by nets and are found around Pontianak and Mempawah.

Punai birds are usually process by frying or grilling. The texture of Punai’s meat, which is very tasty and soft, tastes delicious to eat, so when you visit Pontianak, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to taste; this one culinary treat.

Sotong Pangkong is one of the typical Pontianak foods that appears during the month of Ramadan. After grilling, the cuttlefish will be beaten so that the meat is more tender. This Sotong Pangkong is serve with peanut sauce or sweet and sour chili sauce. When smeared with chili sauce, the savory taste of this squid will taste more delicious in the mouth.(Typical Variety of Delicious Culinary From Pontianak)

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Jogja City Culinary Dishes Ready to Test Your Spicy Level

Jogja City Culinary Dishes Ready to Test Your Spicy Level – In the city of Jogjakarta, there are several stalls serving spicy dishes that are not shy about spices. You don’t even need to add chili sauce anymore because the spicy taste that you will feel will really burn your tongue.

Who doesn’t know Pak Nano’s lightning satay on Jl. South Ringroad 90, Yogyakarta? In fact, Mr. Bondan Winarno once visited this simple shop on the side of the road. Indeed, Pak Nano’s goat satay shop is a well-known delight in various regions. The price is also understandable, around Rp. 25,000 per portion. This shop is open at 12.00 and usually by 17.00 it’s all-out.

The menu of processed goat meat served at Pak Nano’s stall is also quite diverse, ranging from goat satay, meat tongseng, balungan / tengkleng, to goat’s head. The level of spiciness that is present from kindergarten, elementary, junior high, high school, D3, S1, S2, S3, to the most spicy is the warrior level. If you dare to try the warrior level, you are guarante to be scratching your head, while the fans.

Jogja City Culinary Dishes Ready to Test Your Spicy Level

In addition to duck, entok or stuck is also often process into a dish that shakes the tongue. Although there are not many entok stalls in Jogja, you can visit the entok slenget Kang Tanir stall located in Rando Songo, Donokerto, Turi, Sleman. Or more easily, this shop is located east of the Sempor bridge or 200 meters from the Turi police station. This simple shop is open from four in the afternoon but is sold out by 7 or 8 in the evening.

There are two kinds of menu at this shop, entok slenget and tengkleng bone entok. However, what remains a mainstay is the entok slenget. Slenget itself is a dish in the form of tongseng or stews with sliced ​​duck meat. A few pieces of chilli and pepper are also put in it, so the taste really burns the tongue and is addictive. The price is set, including cheap, around Rp. 15,000 per portion.

The presentation is combine with cucumber and cabbage slices which will make your meal even more hearty. Good news is also for you boarding children, in this shop visitors are free to add rice, so you can add as much rice as you want.(Jogja City Culinary Dishes Ready to Test Your Spicy Level)

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Culinary Tourism in Blitar is a Must Try

Culinary Tourism in Blitar is a Must Try – Blitar is one of the cities in East Java Province. It is strategically located, which is adjacent to the city of Malang which is the city of education and the city of Kediri which also has the English village of Pare as a proud icon. Blitar City is known as the City of Proclamation because that is where the Indonesian Proclaimer, Mr. Ir. Soekarno or so-called Bung Karno was born and buried.

This city holds a lot of past history related to the Bung Karno family and traces of the wars leading up to the country’s independence, such as tours of Bung Karno’s graves, Gebang Palace (Bung Karno’s House), and several temples since the Dutch era scattered in Blitar land. Besides being thick with history, it turns out that Blitar also has the appeal of a variety of culinary tours.

The tourists who visit Blitar generally will take the time to taste the typical culinary of Bung Karno City. Blitar’s signature culinary delights are spicy and savory for food and fresh for drinks.

Culinary Tourism in Blitar is a Must Try

Klethik diamond is one of Blitar’s signature snacks. Made from glutinous rice and brown sugar as a sweetener. It has a dense texture and coarse fiber so it is quite filling when eaten as a snack. It tastes sweet and savory and will produce chirping sounds when eaten so it is call a diamond klethik.

This diamond is package simply, using only corn husks or dried yellow corn husks. To be able to enjoy it, these wajik klethik snacks can be found in many souvenir shops scattered along the streets of Blitar City.

For those of you who are looking for fresh drinks in Blitar, don’t miss this one fresh ice. The name is ice pleret, made from rice flour which is shape into small circle and given a variety of interest colors. Doused with coconut milk and syrup as a sweetener and added with shavings of ice cubes which will add to the freshness of the ice pleret.(Culinary Tourism in Blitar is a Must Try)

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Durian Processed Culinary That Makes You Drool

Durian Processed Culinary That Makes You Drool – The durian season is almost over. There aren’t many brothers who sell durian on the side of the road. While some are still selling, let’s buy as many durians as possible. After that, it is made into delicious durian culinary delights. Interested?

As a dedication for durian lovers, Hipwee Travel will provide 6 culinary references of typical Indonesian durian dishes that taste really good. Starting from drinks to food with durian raw materials. For you durian lovers, culinary tours are really mandatory for hunting food or drinks with these durian frills.

This one culinary is arguably the most hits process durian. The durian meat which is added with cream is wrapped in a kind of thin skin like a colorful omelette. The famous durian pancakes originate from Medan. Don’t forget to enjoy this food when it’s cold, so that the sensation will be even more delicious.

For those of you who like to drink cendol ice or dawet ice, of course you feel this drink is really fresh, so drink it in this hot afternoon. Even more delicious if the taste of durian. Wow, that’s really great. The combination of shaved ice, cendol, palm sugar, coconut milk and durian is a heaven on earth for the Indonesian tongue.

Durian Processed Culinary That Makes You Drool

Sticky rice and durian are a wonderful combination though. Yes, you know Indonesian people like to eat rice so that they are full. Even if it’s not rice, at least it’s sticky rice. Combined with durian, it seems that sticky rice durian is indeed a favorite of urban people.

Usually, durian soup contains shaved ice, durian meat, cheese and milk. But there are also those who make durian soup by combining it with fruits such as avocado or jackfruit. Suitable to be enjoy when the atmosphere is hot.

For those who like culinary tours, go hunting for pancakes covered in durian sauce, cheese and milk. It’s even better if it’s sprinkled with raisins or sprinkles.

So far, the contents of the risoles are meat or vegetables, this time it is durian meat. So you can imagine when you bite the risoles, the durian will break and melt in your mouth. Duh, so I want to hunt durian risoles right away. Not many people have made these risoles. I’m sure if you try it, it’s definitely addicting.(Durian Processed Culinary That Makes You Drool)

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