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Gresik Culinary : Nasi Krawu Bu Tiban

Gresik Culinary : Nasi Krawu Bu Tiban – My prospective sister-in-law comes from Gresik. His figure is always look forward to when he comes to my mother’s house. Usually he brings a typical Gresik food gift, namely Nasi Krawu. It takes only one hour to reach Gresik via the toll road. But somehow I rarely come to Gresik. Maybe because it is not a tourist city or shopping tour, I am rarely touch by it. So, at the beginning of 2016 I had the opportunity to visit Gresik.

The culinary agenda is of course my first order. In Gresik, there are two famous Nasi Krawu culinary delights, namely Nasi Krawu Bu Tiban and Nasi Krawu Bu Timan.

Gresik Culinary : Nasi Krawu Bu Tiban

So I was curious about the taste of Nasi Krawu Bu Tiban which she had never brought for souvenirs. Nasi Krawu Bu Tiban II which is located on Jl Veteran 118 Gresik, the location is quite strategic on the side of the highway with adequate car parking. Meanwhile, Nasi Krawi Bu Tiban center is located at JL KH Abdul Karim 49 Gresik, the location is less strategic. However, both taste the same because the Nasi Krawu Bu Tiban II is managed by Bu Tiban’s son.

It’s no secret that the contents of Nasi Krawu Bu Tiban are only white rice with thin shred meat and then there is additional serundeng from grated coconut. The choice of meat can be meat alone or meat with additional “offal” such as tripe and the like. The taste of the meat from Nasi Krawu Tiban is sweet and savory, the sweetness fits perfectly with the tongue in East Java. The next pleasure lies in the white and punel rice, especially if it is serve hot, it will give its own taste charm. Serundeng is an inseparable part of Nasi Krawu, which is very delicious when the meat is dip in grated coconut.(Gresik Culinary : Nasi Krawu Bu Tiban)

Baca Juga Artikel Lainnya Tentang (Bojonegoro Culinary: Durian Pita Pitu E)

Bojonegoro Culinary: Durian Pita Pitu E

Bojonegoro Culinary: Durian Pita Pitu E – Initially, culinary delights at Bakso Durian in Bojonegoro were not planned at all. After going home from my parents-in-law house in the Cepu area. Browsing, then I met Warung Bakso Pita Pitu E. To get to the location I was assist by GPS assistance. The full address is at Jl. Attorney General Suprapro No: 20, if the GPS setting is “Bakso & Mie Ayam Pita Pitu E”. The location is right on the edge of the highway, parking is not a problem because of the large space.

The stall is simple, you can choose inside or outside. If outside there is a tent seat located on the side of the highway. In addition to the durian meatball menu that made me curious, I also ordered the soulmate meatball which is priced at Rp. 15,000, –

Bojonegoro Culinary: Durian Pita Pitu E

The menu at Warung Pita Pitu E is unique, such as fierce bojo meatballs, devil devils meatballs, rainbow meatballs, the former’s revenge meatball, pitu pita love boat noodles e. For details, you can see the menus here. He said that every month the unique meatball menu is always update. The concept for this meatball order will be the waitres coming directly to the table carrying a menu book. After eating, pay at the cashier.

I was nervous when the durian meatball served on my table. I am afraid that the durian’s sweetness will not match the broth and meatballs. Besides there are large meatballs containing durian, there are also 3 small meatballs. Unfortunately the fried time was up, even though at Warung Pita Pitu E the specialty is the fried ribbons. That’s why the name of this shop is Pita from the fried shape and Pitu from the cheapest price for the meatball.(Bojonegoro Culinary: Durian Pita Pitu E)

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Cepu Rawon Monalisa Culinary

Cepu Rawon Monalisa Culinary – The story is that for 11 years I often visited Cepu, I just found out that I have a legendary Cepu culinary that I missed. Yep Her name is Rawon Monalisa or often called rawon lepek or sometimes also called Rawon Bu Jumini. If you go to Rawon Monalisa by car, park it in front of the market, then cross the road and enter Lorong Monalisa. Not far from the mouth of the alley, you can see Rawon sellers with simple stalls.

I came at 5:00 p.m. so the atmosphere was still quiet. Rawon Monalisa is open from 17.00 to 22.00. At night it is usually crowd with visitors. Rawon Monalisa is known as rawon lepek because the rawon rice is place in a mini coffee saucer. It is said that those who eat at Rawon Lepek Monalisa usually run out 7-8 plate. So now, if people eat just three plates, it’s full.

Cepu Rawon Monalisa Culinary

I ordered a portion of Rawon for 10 thousand. This portion of rawon does not include the side dishes; that can choose meat or offal friends, which cost an average of 12 thousand. I think two servings of rawon monalisa are enough to make me full. I sipped the rawon sauce. “Ma’am, do you have coconut milk?” The seller then nodded his face and said “yes thump”.

Honestly but I like the unique taste. But still this is not rawon, but something that I have eaten but forgot its name, I remember at that time Coto Makassar; which usually has coconut milk but Monalisa rawon is sweet, so it’s not 100% similar. Bro, the husband who is not clear which crossbreed, because he has lived longer in Surabaya; also does not like the same taste.(Cepu Rawon Monalisa Culinary)

Baca Juga Artikel Lainnya Tentang (Menega Bali Seafood Cafe Jimbaran)

Menega Bali Seafood Cafe Jimbaran

Menega Bali Seafood Cafe Jimbaran – If you remember the period of study tours during school, the Jimbaran area has always been a mandatory destination on the last day in Bali. Jimbaran area is a paradise for seafood restaurants. In the past, I was always confused between the best seafood restaurants in Jimbaran, but now I have my own subscription at Menega Cafe.

He said to get a favorite spot at Menega Cafe; that faces directly to the sea, you have to book a few days in advance. The point is, don’t expect too much; if you get an outdoor spot, but if you get a lot of indoor. Apparently not allow, I was told to order in advance and their seat determines. But if indoor is free, just sit down and it’s okay to just order food.

Menega Bali Seafood Cafe

Each shell has chewy flesh, and the marinade can be “sucked, uh, dicucrup” feels really butter and the seasoning is creamy. Anyway, what I miss most at Menega Cafe is the shells, I have to order at least 1 kg to be satisfied.

For prawns, I only order ½ kg, it gets about 8 pieces, but it’s big because of the king prawn. The grilled fish is also really good and doesn’t have the slightest fishy taste. The point is, if you order any food at Menega Cafe, you won’t regret it because everything is delicious.

Well, because the night gets darker, only the kerosene lamp lights up on the table, so the sensation of eating while groping for the fish. The white tablecloth in the outdoor is disposable, so if one person has use it, it will be replace immediately and the table; doesn’t use a white tablecloth anymore.

So if you go to Bali, don’t forget to stop by Menega Cafe. You don’t need to be afraid of the price because the price is not fix and makes sense. Maybe what makes it expensive; is if we make mistakes ordering all the food menus, especially if the drinks are weird.(Menega Bali Seafood Cafe Jimbaran)

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Bandung Culinary Favorite For Souvenirs

Bandung Culinary Favorite For Souvenirs – The walk has been done, the selfies are full of memory, the culinary also causes the scales to break, but it feels like something is missing. Yes, the souvenirs have been bill by relatives and friends. A walk without souvenirs is like vegetables without salt, right? Well, there are many kinds of souvenirs from Bandung. However, what I really miss from Bandung are the batagor, soes bread and the brownies. The three foods, if you buy them, you need extra patience because the queue is always booming. Don’t be surprised to see that the people who buy it are always in boxes, I only only rub one or two of them on my chest.

Batagor is my favorite food. The aroma of mackerel fish in the meatballs and fried contents mixed with peanut sauce has always succeeded in making my stomach not stop rejecting it. In Surabaya, there are quite a lot of batagor, starting from the street vendors hanging in front of schools and in restaurants. However, tasting the original Batagor from Bandung is even more special, because there is no such thing as Batagor Surabaya.

Bandung Culinary Favorite

There are two famous Batagor in Bandung, namely Batagor Kingsley and Batagor Riri. Both of these Batagors have their own fans, some say Batagor Kingsley is better and some say Batagor Riri is better. For me, both are just as delicious. When I was in Bandung, I didn’t taste it directly from the outlet, so I packed this batagor for souvenirs. Fortunately, there are not only one or two employees, but many. When we arrive, we have to queue first, then order and get a queue number. Later when Batagor is ready, we will be call again according to the queue number.

One batagor item in the form of baso or tofu peritem costs Rp. 12,000, – per box consisting of 10, namely Rp. 120.000, – which includes peanut sauce. But if you want to buy 5 pieces, you can still do it. Then what about taking Batagor by train for 18 hours to Surabaya? It’s safe, because it hasn’t reached the destination yet has been snacked until it runs out.

Batagor Riri the Packaging is More Practical

Initially I did not intend to buy Batagor Riri because I already bought Batagor Kingsley, but because there was Whatsap who entrusted Batagor, then I bought Batagor Riri. I bought it at the branch near Kartika Sari, in this branch the queue is not as busy as the center. I do not know if the center must be as busy as Kingsley’s batagor.

Unlike the Kingsley Batagor, the Batagor Riri has a more practical packaging. Wrapped in airtight plastic and vacuum sealing. For the price of Riri Batagor, the same as the Kingsley batagor for 10 contents, the price is Rp. 120.000, – and includes peanut sauce.
Soes Merdeka is a legendary soes in the city of Bandung. Now its branches have spread to several cities, namely Jakarta, Depok, Bogor, Jogjakarta, Surabaya and Denpasar-Bali. Especially for Surabaya, I just realized that Soes Merdeka is on Jalan Ngangel Madya and Mayjend Sungkono.

There are two versions of Soes Merdeka, namely halal and non-halal. What is lawful is not wearing rhum. You know what rhum is? It is a kind of intoxicating drink, if you taste it, it feels sour like a strong sprite in the mouth. So choose the ones without rumors, then the packaging will be written without rumors. One item of independent soes is price at Rp. 8,000, – You can buy whole grains or if you don’t want to bother, there is a package per box of 10. Besides soes, Soes Merdeka also has some snacks and cakes, but the favorite is of course the soes, right? The name is “Soes Merdeka”. (Bandung Culinary Favorite For Souvenirs)

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Cepu Culinary: Lontong Opor Father Pangat

Cepu Culinary: Lontong Opor Father Pangat – My acquaintance with Pak Pangat’s lontong opor culinary began with curiosity from several reviews on the blog which it is said that he is soooo good and the mainstay of the people of Cepu. The culinary location is located in the Ngloram Kapuan area, Cepu, Central Java, the ex Airport area, Cepu airport which is now out of use.

To enjoy Pak Pangat’s lontong opor it is indeed a bit complicated, trying the opor sensation; you have to order food first by telephone, then after arriving at the location; we have to queue for seats. Yes weslah, I said yes anyways I really rarely go to Cepu, more and more drooling and curious if I failed; to taste the culinary this time.

Cepu Culinary: Lontong Opor Father Pangat

Arriving at the location at around 12.00 noon, the parking lot was full with several cars with plates outside the city. Entering the shop, I had to queue for the 2nd Waiting List. Apparently today, apart from being full of visitors, there was also a high school reunion event.

At first glance, this warung is the concept that looks like a typical Central Javanese house; with floors that are still not tile. My order was serve according to book by phone, I couldn’t add anything because the menu was only opor.

About the taste of the chicken and the sauce, hyaaaaaa it’s really delicious. The chicken is Javanese chicken which is tender and has a fair amount of meat. The most distinctive thing is the broth, it really gets into the seasoning, it tastes spicy, sweet and the sauce is really thick; and delicious and doesn’t make you feel bad even though the sauce looks oily with thick coconut milk. (Cepu Culinary: Lontong Opor Father Pangat)

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Grilled & Fried Gurame Lesehan Klotok

Grilled & Fried Gurame Lesehan Klotok – Finally, after a long period of failing to go home to Cepu, this 2014 Eid al-Adha moment, I was able to do qurban with my husband’s family. So, if I go home like this without a culinary tour it seems incomplete, well hehehe so I hunt for a good culinary treat, my jujugan is Warung Lesehan Ikan Bakar Klotok. This lesehan shop when viewed from the area is not the Cepu area, Kab. Blora, located in Klotok Padangan Kab. Bojonegoro, although different regencies, it is very closer to Cepu than the city of Bojonegoro.

Entering the Lesehan Warung parking area; there are several cars that have filled the yard, apparently this shop is indeed a favorite of the local community; so it is always crowd with visitors. The concept of a stall is a lesehan that is located on the left and right; of the fish pond area; which is very large and beautiful, typical of the countryside, if you want to sit in a chair; a wooden house area is provide.

Grilled & Fried Gurame Lesehan Klotok

My favorite menu that is my order is grilled carp, sweet and sour, with plain kale and coffee, which is very popular, my order is minimalist because only three of them are with husband and children who are still toddlers.Let’s taste the Baked Gurame which is said to be delicious. (in Surabaya where is there a price that cheap)

Then the conclusion is to order Kothok coffee; which is famous in Cepu, ah unfortunately I didn’t taste the coffee this husband ordered, so I can’t review it. As proof that this Kotok coffee is famous, on the wall of the Lesehan shop there is an article from Radar Bojonegoro about the uniqueness of this shop.Grilled & Fried Gurame Lesehan Klotok)

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Blora Culinary Tour

Blora Culinary Tour – It turns out that Blora is not as far as I imagined.In fact, Blora is not as extreme as I imagine, only 40 minutes from Cepu and the road is still human.

Try googling “culinary tours of Blora” later for sure the emergence of delicious, unique and delicious culinary delights.

I am already eyeing Blora’s culinary tours including Iskandar Chicken Opor, Pak Galo’s Soto Kletuk, Beef Satay & Pak Ji, Mak Gogok Grilled Chicken and Mbah Supi’s Lontong Tahu at RM Nyamleng. However, because I only have one day in Blora, I don’t think I can taste the culinary delights. The two places I finally went to were Pak Ji’s Beef Satay and Pak Galo’s Soto Kletuk.

Blora Culinary Tour

Usually, when I eat satay, I choose between chicken satay or goat satay, so beef satay is a new experience for me. In Blora itself, Pak Ji’s beef satay is quite famous, as seen from the number of; visitors to the stalls and parked vehicles.

Even though it is a street vendor, Pak Ji’s beef satay stall is quite comfortable, the tables and chairs are comfortable; even though they are small and short in size. There is also a seat that faces directly to the seller, but I purposely avoid the seat directly; facing the satay and gule, because it will certainly make mistakes, meaning eye hunger.

The satay seasoning looks unique, namely peanut sauce that seems to be mixed with a little gule sauce. It’s a bit surprising for this spice, because my mindset is that Central Java goat / beef satay; is always just using soy sauce. Sometimes to eat Central Java satay, I like to want to bring my own peanut sauce, knowing that East Java’s tongue always thinks that satay is better with peanut sauce.

Hundreds of kaletuk pak Galo

Wow, I think my husband is starting to not clean up, the message is really bad. I was just enjoying the satay, I thought about it later.

Until the invisible whisper; from my husband, “deck, if the satay is in Blora, the satay will continue to be served” what do you mean? Later, the payment will only be calculate from the number of satay sticks. The taste of Pak Ji’s beef satay is soft and not prengus. The price for a serving of 10 sticks is according to the price of Rp. 22,000, – Duh, so I wonder which one is better or the Blora residents prefer.(Blora Culinary Tour)

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Afternoon Hangout at Mano Beach Club Bali

Afternoon Hangout at Mano Beach Club Bali – Choosing a beach club in Bali is confusing because there are so many choices and many new ones. After a long browsing, I finally decided to hang out in the afternoon at Mano Beach Club Bali.

It’s no secret that hanging out at a beach club there is always a minimum order. As soon as I enter the Mano Beach Club the waitres immediately told me there was a minimum order for adults of Rp. 100.000, – my 7 year old child has no minimum order.

In my opinion, the price is not too expensive compare to other beach clubs. Even though Mano Beach Club is not too popular as a favorite and contemporary beach club. Maybe because the beach atmosphere is quieter than other beach clubs.

The interior concept at Mano Beach is like a carribean with thatched tents. You can choose a seat with a chair or bean bag. Luckily I came in the afternoon, I got a good spot on the front bean bag without being block by another seat.

The Location Afternoon Hangout at Mano Beach Club Bali

There is also a swimming pool which is free to use for free. The swimming pool is also really a favorite there because there are so many swimming. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the swimming pool. To be precise, I don’t forget hehehe..but because many are wearing bikinis, I am afraid to disturb my privacy.

The location of Mano Beach, which is in front of a petitenget beach, makes it easy for me to explore the beach. Just walk on the connecting bridge from the beach to the beach club.

There are many choices for the food menu at Mano Baech. The price is not exactly cheap, but the price is standard for beach clubs in Bali. I chose a light snack because I wanted more culinary at night. My order was Deep Freed Calamari (60k) with a minimalist portion. The calamari is given crispy flour and there is mayonnaise. It’s really good because it’s not fishy, ​​it’s not tough and the seasonings soak into the calamari. The next menu I forgot the name, if I’m not mistake, it’s “Dips (60k)”. The menu is potato shape balls top with cheese and mayonnaise. The taste is also so good that we scramble to enjoy it because a serving only contains 5. (Afternoon Hangout at Mano Beach Club Bali)

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Recommendations for Bali Instagramable Cafe in 2021

Recommendations for Bali Instagramable Cafe in 2021 – Who doesn’t miss getting on a plane because of Covid 19? Who doesn’t miss Bali? Surely you really want to go to Bali and then rent a car in Bali. Now because in 2021 there are so many cafes that have sprung up in Bali, I finally listened to the 2021 Bali Instagramable Cafe Recommendations.

The pastry menu in Bali is now enjoyed by many foreigners. So many cafes in Bali have sprung up selling various croissants, cinnamon rolls, banana bread. However, Baked Indonesia has a different menu, namely Portuguese egg tart a la Macao. Yep, the best seller here is egg tart, which is Rp. 20,000.

For the dominant white cafe concept and wooden interior. But what I like is the open kitchen concept where we can see first hand how to make the cake.

Do you know the Westlife Uptown Girl video clip? Halah caught his old age hahaahha the video that was popular in my elementary school days. So Cosmic Dinner Bali has a 60s American-style concept with red, yellow, green and black and white square floors.

Cosmic Dinner Bali Has Lots of Really Beautiful Spots

The food is not far from western such as burgers, waffles, soup, salad and coffee. To be sure, if you go to Cosmic Dinner Bali, you have to prepare a lot of memory because the spots are so beautiful.

Pison Coffe is located in the Ubud area. This cafe has a complete touch concept, there is a thick Japanese wood, rustic and a natural impression combined with a rice field view. Usually there is live music at night. Anyway, get ready if there is no place for the weekend.

The available menus are pastries such as croissants, cinnamon rolls, pies, spaghetti or a heavy menu of rice with crispy duck. For the special drink menu, namely coffee. Besides that, the price is still safe and the portion is big.

Mimpi Grocery is located in the area of ​​Canggu, Bali. Hmmm, you would have guessed that in Canggu every cafe offers the charm of its rice fields or the sea. Yep, Mimpi Grocery is located in the middle of a rice field with a full glass building concept.

The Price is Friendly In The Bag of ​​Canggu, Bali.

The menu is not far from Western Food such as croissants, toast, burgers, and drink coffee and cocktails. The price is friendly in the bag and the portions are really big.

The concept of a cafe with a Balinese beach view is of course enjoyed a lot, such as the Sea Salt Seminyak which is located at the Alila Hotel. This cafe offers a view of Petitenget Beach which is famous for its waves.

A strategic location and is in the hotel, Sea Salt Seminyak is fairly Pricey. So just prepare a special budget if you go to Sea Salt. But you have nothing to lose because there are lots of good spots and big portions. The menus offered are western food and sea food.

Dear Lucy is an animal friendly cafe. So if you can’t interact with dogs, just skip this cafe. At certain hours the doggy will be issued, on average, these animals are friendly to visitors. Even visitors can also bring their pet dog.

Cafe That Can Interact With Dogs in bali

I like the rustic cafe theme, green and pink colors and lots of glass windows. The menu is complete, including western, Indonesian, or a keto menu. To be sure, the price is still pocket-friendly.

The recommended beach view cafe is already, the rice field view is already, now the theme of the Pekarangan is also happening in Bali, namely Shotgun Social, which is in the Sanur area. This cafe is perfect for families, while bringing small children, they can run around in its large garden. Well, her mama papa is hanging out in the bag.

The special menu is pizza and beer. Here it is specifically for beer lovers, there is even a tester to choose which beer menu options. Overall, because the place is spacious and has a capacity of up to 250 people, it is safe to hang out for a long time without fear of being evicted. (Recommendations for Bali Instagramable Cafe in 2021)

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