Various Delicious Specialties of Bali

It is indeed a gift for Indonesian people, because the Indonesian state has a variety of very delicious specialties from each region. Each region has its own cuisine or food with a distinctive taste of enjoyment. One of the places or cities in which there are various delicious specialties is the island of Bali or often referred to as the Island of the Gods.

Apart from being a tourist spot that has proven extraordinarily beautiful. It turns out that the island of Bali is famous for its distinctive and very beautiful food. No wonder if Bali is made as a tourist destination for foreigners in Indonesia and abroad.

Of course, culinary support will greatly support the popularity of Bali Island in the eyes of the world. This is apart from Bali tourist attractions which are also very beautiful. The concoction of typical Balinese spices is presented in a various delicious rows of Bali specialties which this time will discuss in this article below.

1. Rujak Bulung and Rujak Kuah Pindang

The most delicious Balinese food that we will discuss is a food called Rujak Kuah Pindang and Rujak Bulung which of course is food from Bali. Rujak kuah pindang in the form of slices of mango, kedondong, pineapple or jicama etc, which are seasoned with rujak spices and doused with delicious tuna sauce.

Meanwhile, Rujak Bulung is in the form of seaweed with rujak spices mixed with pindang sauce which is very delicious. When you are enjoying the food of Rujak Bulung and Rujak Kuah Pindang. This fresh sensation and also spicy sensation you can get in every bite of this typical Balinese food.

2. Tipat Blayag

The next Balinese food that we will discuss is a food known as Tipat Blayag. This one food actually comes from Buleleng Bali. And is food in the form of ketupat but has a shape similar to rice cake. In the form of using young coconut leaves which can also use young enau leaves to make this Blayag Tipat.

To create a distinctive taste of Bali, Tipat Blayag is given spices. Which are made from processed rice flour and delicious Balinese spices. Of course this Blayag Tipat mixed with Balinese spices which are very thick will produce delicious food. Usually this Blayag Tipat is also mixed with sisit chicken, urab vegetables, soybeans or peanuts and other side dishes.

3. Nasi Jinggo

The next Balinese food is a famous food on the island of Bali, and is a food that is known to be cheap. Of course Nasi Jinggo is Balinese food. Which we mean, which is food that is wrapped using banana leaves which do not forget to provide a typical Balinese chili sauce for spicy food lovers. Some of the side dishes we often encounter such as fried noodles, shredded chicken and fried tempeh.

With rice as big as an adult’s fist, maybe you won’t be full enough to enjoy this kha bali dish called Nasi Jinggo. To get the maximum filling order again according to the capacity of your stomach. Nasi Jinggo was very popular in 1997 and until now and usually people who sell Nasi Jinggo food are priced at a very cheap price around Rp. 3000 to Rp. 5,000.

4. Betutu Chicken

The typical Balinese food which we will discuss next is a food that is extraordinary and quite popular in Bali and even popular throughout Indonesia. This typical Balinese food is popular with the name Betutu Chicken. Of course if you happen to be on the island of Bali it is mandatory for you to taste this Betutu Chicken. This typical Balinese cuisine is a spicy food that is very rich in the taste of spices.

Of course, the spicy and savory taste you get from this Betutu Chicken can make your tongue delight. The reason is that the spices are directly inserted into the belly of the native chicken. Which of course makes the spices soak directly into the native chicken meat. Then the meat is wrapped in banana leaves and then grilled or boiled to create a very delicious Betutu broth or sauce.

5. Lawar

Balinese food that is no less delicious than other Balinese dishes is a food that is popular or known as Lawar. This one food is a mixture of minced meat with several types of vegetables. Some of the meats that are usually used to make Lawar are pork, duck or kuwir and chicken. While some types of vegetables are usually used, such as young jackfruit, long beans and young papaya. Then the meat and vegetables are mixed with grated coconut and wrapped with delicious Balinese spices.

This food is a favorite food for the Balinese people, so that Lawar food is very popular there. Even some Balinese have the habit of cooking this lawar during major Hindu religious holidays such as Galungan and Kuningan and when having big ceremonies.

Besides the food above, there are many more Balinese specialties that you can find in the next article.

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