Trends Foods and Drinks 2021 – Part 1

In 2020, we all could not hunt for food freely because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Apart from appeals to stay home, culinary business people also face difficulties in marketing their food products. But it seems that in 2021, all of these conditions are slowly recovering. Although the types of boba drinks and sweet snacks still dominate, there are a number of contemporary food and beverage trends that you might just be on your tongue. Now for food lovers, here is a list of trends foods and drinks in 2021 that you must try. So let’s check it out guys!

1. Various foods with cashew sauce

Various foods with mentai sauce is one of the current food trends in 2021 which has recently been very popular among millennials. The mentai sauce itself is a sauce made from a mixture of fish eggs given mayonnaise and chili sauce. This mentai sauce will later be used as a topping for various foods such as rice bowls, chicken, fish and others. This culinary inspired by Japanese food has a quite creamy texture, but there is a distinctive taste that comes from none other than cod roe, aka mentaiko.

2. The present fry

Fried food is a snack for a million people, which is a favorite of the Indonesian people. In 2021, there are many fried sellers selling fried foods with a more attractive appearance. Not only fried, but now many fried foods are made with various fillings and toppings. Like the filling of risoles, which is usually rogut, now made with mozzarella cheese. There are also bakwan with various toppings to know the contents that are made crispy.

3. Sambal packaging

Sambal has never left the tongue of Indonesians. Whatever the food is, chili sauce will make us eat more heartily. Even though it’s not something new, in 2021, packaged chili sauce will still be one of the best-selling culinary products on the market. Some of the packaged chili sauce products that have recently become hits are the onion chili sauce and the baby squid chili sauce which does have a delicious taste with a spicy kicking sensation.

4. Rice bowl

The next food in 2021 is rice bowl. This one food has indeed been popular from the previous year, but this year, rice bowl seems to be still one of the most popular types of food today because of its practicality. The rice bowl itself is rice with a variety of side dishes that excite your appetite like mixed rice placed in a bowl.

This food is also marketed through delivery services so that we can choose the rice bowl with the side dish we want. Apart from being delicious and practical, rice bowls also have an aesthetic appearance for Instagram photos. Suitable for those of you who like to post food photos on your Instagram feed.

5. Lobster meatballs

For culinary lovers, especially those who are fond of meatballs, of course they are familiar with lobster meatballs. Lobster meatball is a meatball that was viral some time ago. This food combines the chewy and savory beef meatball dough with a whole lobster as the filling. Starting from a lobster meatball seller, now there are many meatball sellers selling lobster meatballs as their special menu. No wonder this lobster meatball is one of the contemporary foods in 2021 that you must try.

Still have more trends about foods and drinks in 2021 on the next article, stay tuned!

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