The Most Extreme Mukbang – Part 2

Mukbang has indeed become one of the most interesting content in the world of social media. Until now, there have been many content creators who present mukbang events on their YouTube channel and make mukbang one of their livelihoods through YouTube. Mukbang itself is an eating broadcast, where the content creator or host / food vlogger in question will enjoy a large quantity of food while interacting with the audience. Or there is also an ASMR-based mukbang where the audience will be presented with a meal with super good sound quality, so you will definitely be tempted when you hear the sound that appears when the mukbang host is eating and enjoying the food. Will your appetite also increase after watching this extreme mukbang? Lets see the continued about the most extreme mukbang in article below.

1. Sea star mukbang

Who can eat starfish? This sea creature does look beautiful and adorable, so no one in this world has the heart to kill it. But guys, recently a mukbang video has been circulating showing the mukbang hosts eating starfish with joy, guys! So it’s not surprising that this mukbang with the starfish menu is one of the extreme mukbang that is currently on the rise.

2. Live crab mukbang

The next extreme mukbang is eating crab alive guys! The boiled crab is still delicious, but it’s eaten alive, guys! Like the mukbang video above which shows a female mukbang host showing off a bowl full of live crabs that are still moving swiftly. This female host does not hesitate to chew live crabs without fear of being pinched by the crabs.

3. Mukbang Honeycomb

Masu may still be delicious to eat, guys, but if you eat it straight from a beehive, it might sound extreme. However, mukbang with beehive menu is currently popular. Many mukbang hosts serve mukbang video content with the main menu being Honeycomb, aka honeycomb. In fact, not infrequently eaten bee nests are still filled with bee eggs, guys!

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