The Best Mayonnaise Brand – Part 1

Looking for the best and most delicious mayonnaise brand for your various food creations? After knowing the tips for choosing mayonnaise, the following will recommend some of the best mayonnaise brands that you can choose, including:

1. Euro Gourmet Spicy Mayonnaise

This mayonnaise brand is included in the Cimory Group which produces various kinds of mayonnaise. One of the variants that you can try is the Spicy Euro Gourmet Mayonnaise. This mayonnaise uses the basic ingredients of soybean oil and egg yolk. This product is enriched with a fresh sour taste and a savory taste that will make you addicted. This mayonnaise has a texture that is perfect for a deep fried dip.

2. Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise

If you’re looking for the right mayonnaise for your diet then you can give Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise a try. Apart from containing eggs, oil and vinegar, this mayonnaise also contains many other benefits. With a large content of omega 3 and saturated fat which is good for health.

3. Kraft Light Mayo

Kraft Light Mayo is made with selected ingredients that are low in fat and calories so it is perfect for those of you who are dieting. Although it is light mayonnaise, it has a rich flavor and is just as delicious as any other mayonnaise. This product can not only be used for sauces, but can also be used as a cooking ingredient for a variety of recipes.

4. Kenko Restaurant Mayonnaise

Judging from its name, this mayonnaise is a Japanese product with a high taste and delicious taste. This product made of 17% egg yolk so that it has a thick texture and a thick yellow color. The taste of mayonnaise is tasty and not as acidic as other mayonnaise. This mayonnaise is suitable as a topping or dip for various types of food.

5. Kewpie Original Mayonnaise

One of the most delicious brands of mayonnaise that you can use for all types of food is Kewpie Original Mayonnaise. This product uses ingredients that meet health standards so it is very safe for consumption. This mayonnaise made from rich flavored egg yolk and soybean oil. You can mix it into various foods such as salads, sandwiches and other foods to add to the enjoyment of the taste.

6. Maestro Mayonnaise

Who does not know Maestro Mayonnaise, this product produced by Lasallefood Indonesia which offers various variants. This mayonnaise has a soft and creamy texture so it is very suitable to be used to enhance the taste of food. This product is very suitable for complementing potatoes, tofu and other foods.

7. Mama likes Mayonnaise

This mayonnaise brand is certainly very popular in the community. MamaSuka Mayonnaise made from selected ingredients using pure soybean oil, egg yolk and fermented vinegar. This product has a delicious taste and is suitable for Indonesian tongues. You can make this mayonnaise as a salad dressing or sandwich.

8. Melrose Organic Sunflower

This mayonnaise is a product from Australia that uses organic sunflower oil as the base ingredient. This product can be the right choice for those of you who want to live a healthy life and are allergic to eggs or soybeans. Although this mayonnaise does not contain eggs, it still has a delicious taste and a soft and creamy texture.

We still have more list for the best mayonnaise brand for your recommend on next article, stay tuned!


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