Old Tempo Foods That Are Difficult to Find Nowadays

Indonesia is a country that has a lot of cultural heritage. One of them is a variety of traditional foods in several regions of Indonesia. Each region certainly has its own traditional food. When we were little, of course we often eat the food you like with a characteristic taste of it. But not always the food that you like is there, not only animals are getting scarce, food can also be rare. Like the following old tempo foods that are difficult to find nowdays :

1. Gulo Puan

Puan sugar is a typical food from Palembang, has a sweet taste because it is made from buffalo milk and sugar. In ancient times, Gulo Puan was only served for kings. In modern times, this food is very difficult to find, the main thing that causes this food to start to disappear is buffalo milk which is the main ingredient. The difficulty of getting buffalo milk makes this one food very rare.

2. Bassang

Bassang is a typical food from Sulawesi. This food is made from corn and coconut milk served in the form of porridge. This food is already rare, but recently it has started to be revived with the presence of Bassang in the form of fast food.

3. Grontol

Grondol is a typical Central Javanese food, this food is made from boiled corn mixed with sugar then sprinkled with grated coconut. This food has a savory and delicious taste. But lately this food is rarely found because people are more interested in modern food.

4. Wedang Tahu

Wedang Tahu is one of the culinary delights in the form of a typical drink from Semarang. This drink is made from soybean juice that is boiled for 4 hours until it becomes tofu porridge. This drink is served with a mixture of ginger so that it makes your body warm after drinking it. However, this drink is rarely found.

5. Bendu

Bendu is a traditional Balinese snack, which is usually found at weddings. The main ingredient of this cake is glutinous rice flour mixed with grated coconut, sugar and other ingredients.

6. Rangi Cake

Rangi cake comes from Betawi which is made from starch mixed with coarse grated coconut which is then baked. Usually this cake is served with brown sugar kinca.

7. Cenil

This snack is still a friend of the klepon, it’s chewy because it’s made from starch or sago palm. In terms of color, this snack has a bright color and the way it is served is usually sprinkled with granulated sugar or grated coconut.

8. Cake Cucur

Bowsprit cake is a typical Betawi food, this snack is made from rice flour as the basic ingredient. The brown color in this cake is the result of a mixture of brown sugar.

9. Jewawut

Jewawut is a kind of grain, usually processed into pulp. But actually millet is a staple food for birds.

10. Cotton candy

When you were a child, of course, you often encounter this food, even this food is one of the favorites of young children. This cotton candy is made from sugar which is heated until thickened and then shaped according to the buyer’s request.

11. Awug-awug

Awug is a food made from rice flour, coconut, pandan leaves and brown sugar. Awug is almost the same as Putu cake because the ingredients are almost the same, but what distinguishes it is the way of steaming which uses a kind of basket of rice made of rattan that forms a cone.

12. Jenang Krasikan

This jenang krasikan or ladu cake is a favorite snack for typical Central Javanese souvenirs. This food makes the connoisseur feel a different sensation like gritty when chewed. The ingredients themselves are glutinous rice mixed with coconut milk, brown sugar and grated coconut.

13. Mongso honey

Even though the name uses the word “honey”, this food actually has nothing to do with honey at all. This food is made from black sticky rice and has a sour and sweet taste like tapai, because there is a fermentation process from black sticky rice.

14. Jaha

Jaha or sticky bamboo is a typical food from Central Sulawesi and North Sulawesi. The way to make this food is by soaking the glutinous rice which has been seasoned with ginger and spices. This food can usually only be found during holidays and traditional ceremonies in North and Central Sulawesi.

15. Putu cake

Kue putu is a traditional cake that contains Javanese sugar in the middle and then sprinkled with grated coconut. The ingredients of this cake are brown sugar, grated coconut and coarse grained rice flour. This cake has a characteristic sound from the seller. The sound came from the steam coming from the whistling tool of the Putu cake trader.


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