History Potato Chips Lays

Lays is one of the snacks that will stop being produced in August 2021 in Indonesia. The potato chips in this package are quite popular and are favored by many Indonesians. Not only in Indonesia, but also in many other countries. Despite the popularity of its taste and crunchy texture, reported by Insider, it turns out that Lays was once sold in the back seat of a car by a salesman. Let see the history of the potato chips lays.

It was marketed around by car

In the early 1930s, Herman W. Lay first sold his potato chips by car in Nasville, Tennessee. At that time, Herman W. Lay was still working as a traveling salesman. In 1932, after acquiring a potato chip company. Lay managed to sell potato chips for the first time.

Lay’s and Frito agreed to be partners

During the same time, C.E Doolin bought a classic corn chip recipe and experimented with the recipe in his mother’s kitchen until he created Frito. Three decades later, Lays and Frito agreed to become partners in 1961. From this agreement the Frito-Lay brand was formed. The brand also produces other snacks such as Cheetos, Doritos, and Fritos. Four years later, the company merged with Pepsi-Cola and created PepsiCo.

Harvest potatoes from local farmers

The development of the Frito-Lay company which made the demand for potatoes increased. The potatoes produced are harvested from Black Gold Farms, which has been a major potato producing region since 1928. From there, four to five potatoes are processed and processed into potato chips in each Lays bag.

There are already more than 200 flavors of Lays chips

As of today, there are already 200 flavors of Lays chips that you can enjoy. From common flavors like salty and sweet to unusual flavors like cappuccino, vegetable soup and Beer ‘n Brats.


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