Great Coffee Shop in Bandung

Great Coffee Shop in Bandung – One more hit place in Bandung, Armor Kopi Bandung. This coffee shop in Bandung is quite unique, located among the pine trees at the THR Juanda Dago gate.
The outdoor concept is different from other culinary places. Here you can enjoy coffee and other food directly outside the room, in the beautiful THR Juanda area.
The uniqueness of Bandung Coffee Armor
This place is quickly recognized, perhaps because of its unique location and concept. The coffee armor building itself is relatively small, yes, but the open space to enjoy the coffee is quite wide. The building looks unique and blends in with the surrounding conditions, because it uses neat wood materials.
Because outside the room, of course, it feels fresher. In addition, the location is in the area of ​​the Juanda Grand Forest Park. Here you can have coffee with friends, while sitting under a pine tree and overlooking the artificial lake in the THR Juanda area.
The cold weather here, especially at night, will make your coffee enjoyment even more pronounced.

Address / Location of Bandung Coffee Armor

The address / location of the Bandung Coffee Armor is right near the THR Juanda parking area at the dago gate. You will not be in the wrong place, just point the vehicle at THR Juanda Dago, and the location will be immediately visible from the parking lot.
Because it is in the THR Juanda area, like it or not you have to pay an entrance ticket to the Juanda Grand Forest Park to be able to have a coffee at Armor Coffee.
To get to the location, point your vehicle towards Dago Atas. Follow it until you find a T-junction on the left towards the Juanda forest park. About 2 KM from there, you will arrive at the location.

Menu Armor Coffee Bandung

The Bandung coffee armor menu is quite diverse. Of course, this place provides a wide variety of coffee choices. Not only coffee, you also have other drinks.
Make no mistake, the coffee served here can be said to be “authentic”. Unlike in many other places that sell regular coffee at high prices.
Various types of Arabica, Robusta, and Liberica coffee are available here. You can also request the way of serving it as you wish, such as the French press, mokapot, or Vietnamese drip technique. Other drinks besides coffee are also available, such as; Green Tea, Black Tea, Honey Milk Tea and Oolong tea.
In this place there is no heavy food, but the complementary snacks available are enough to fill the stomach.
Some of the available snacks include; rujak cireng, Bitter ballen, Bukan risol, Cabe-chili siengkong (fried cassava), cheese fried banana, etc.
The price offered is also quite cheap, you know. Food and drinks here start from Rp. 13,000 to Rp. 30,000 are still friendly in our pockets.

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